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HP Slate is Latest Entry in the Tablet Market


HP has announced their new, soon to be released tablet called the HP Slate. It has apparently been shifted from a consumer device to one aimed firmly at the enterprise.

It’s got some impressive hardware specs, not least its 2GB of RAM, front and back cameras, and an active digitizer. Here’s what makes it an entirely uninteresting rival in my book – it runs Windows 7.

I still think Windows is in need of some slimming down on the desktop, no way I want to see it on a mobile device. I think Apple’s whole ‘Back to the Mac’ concept, with elements of iOS flowing back up to their desktop OS makes much more sense than trying to cram any full-blown desktop OS (and especially Windows) into mobile devices.

For lots more details on the HP Slate, check out Engadget’s article here:


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iPad Kicking Ass, Taking Names, Outselling Macs


Image Source: lasnark.com

During Apple’s quarterly results announcements yesterday, we heard a lot of huge numbers – including some spectacular iPad-related figures. Here’s some of the iPad numbers and details that grabbed my attention:

— The iPad outsold Macs – despite a record quarter for Macs! Almost 4.2 million iPads were sold – and over 3.9 million Macs.

— There are now over 30,000 apps designed specifically for iPad

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First iPad Rival Priced at $399 with Contract?


Gizmodo has got hold of a ‘leaked slide’ that shows initial pricing for one of the first iPad rival tables – the Samsung Galaxy Tab. According to the slide, the Galaxy Tab will go for $399 with a new two-year contract on T-Mobile.

The contract part of that is a big disadvantage when compared to the iPad, but the initial price point is not too shabby and the device appears to have a strong set of specs and features.

Via: Gizmodo

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iPadversaries–the Coming Competition for the iPad

Cisco Cius

End result: Starting later this year, the iPad will be confronted by an army of other touchscreen machines, from potentially worthy opponents to shameless wannabees. Call ‘em iPadversaries

Harry McCracken has a good article up at Technologizer.com, running down some current, coming soon, and potential rivals for the iPad.  He has dubbed them ‘iPadversaries’ – and they include tablets, slates, HP’s coming PalmPad and even some rumored devices. 

The Cisco Cius looks like it may be a formidable rival in the enterprise arena, and there are a few interesting looking devices from Asus and others.  To see all 32 iPadversaries, take a look at McCracken’s article here:


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Another Original, Innovative Rival for the iPad


Image Source: cats-on-tshirts.com

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion plans to enter the touchscreen tablet market and compete with Apple’s iPad this November, when it will release the "Blackpad."

Shocker on the name eh?  There was news earlier this month that HP’s planned iPad rival will be dubbed the PalmPad, and now RIM will apparently be entering the fray with the Blackpad – and the Blackpad is also rumored to have an identical sized screen to the iPad.

Again, it’s great to see another potential iPad rival firing on all cylinders in terms of originality, right from the device naming phase of things. :)

Via: Apple Insider

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