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Crazy iPad Numbers – Sales of 43 Million Predicted for Next Year


Despite Apple reporting lower-than-expected iPad sales in its quarterly earnings release yesterday, research firm iSuppli has once againraised its projections for iPad sales through the end of 2012 to over 120 million, up over 20 million from its July projections.

iSuppli has increased its iPad sales estimates from 12.9 million to 13.8 million for 2010, from 36.5 million to 43.7 million for 2011, and from 50.4 million to 63.3 million for 2012.

OK, these are just predictions of course – but they contain some huge numbers, and I keep seeing more and more predictions that look like they’re in this sort of neighborhood. Over 40 million iPads to be sold next year, and then over 60 million in 2012. That would put them way ahead of Macs and even iPhones I imagine.

Some  of the biggest growth factors seem to be supply catching up with demand, expansion of US retail outlets and international markets, and its surprisingly strong traction in the education and business sectors.

Go iPad go.

News via: MacRumors

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Crazy iPad Numbers – One Analyst Predicts Sales of 45 Million Next Year


I’ve seen quite a few predictions of massive sales for iPad in 2011, but this one this week is the highest yet:

Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White reports that Apple is developing a smaller version of its uber-popular iPad and suggests that sales numbers of the original iPad could reach 45 million in 2011.

Forbes tells us the analyst is in China and speaking to iPad component suppliers, one claims he’s anticipating shipping enough parts to pump out 13 million iPads in the second half of 2010. And the supplier expects this to hit 45 million next year.

Another recent prediction I saw was for iPad sales of around 36 million next year. It’s going to be pretty fascinating to see the next set of figures Apple releases on this – and it’s certainly going to give Steve Jobs some much bigger numbers to flash up during his next keynote address.

Via: 9to5Mac

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Analyst Predicts 21 Million iPad Sales in 2011, Calls It ‘Mac for the Masses’


One prominent Wall Street analyst has increased is forecast for iPad sales in 2011 to 21 million, citing expansion of the device’s availability, as well as rapid adoption in the enterprise sector.

Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray said Thursday he believes the the iPad is poised to outsell the Mac in 2011. He had previously called for 14.5 million iPads to be sold in 2011, but now sees Apple selling 21 million.

"We believe the iPad represents a meaningful product category for Apple as a secondary computing device for those who already have a primary computer, a primary device for those who could not previously afford a Mac, and the first Apple product that will be a success in the enterprise," he wrote. "We see the iPad as the Mac for the masses."

Wow. If Munster’s predictions are accurate, that’s some massive success for the iPad. Outselling Macs and being the first Apple product that succeeds in the enterprise are both huge achievements in their own right. I find myself thinking more and more lately that the iPad is going to end up being an even bigger game-changer than the iPhone.

Via: Apple Insider

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Outselling Mac in International Markets?


Early reports suggest that Apple has sold most of its first run of international iPad shipments, which has lead one analyst to predict that the iPad will outsell the Mac internationally this quarter.

Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets said Friday that he believes between 600,000 and 700,000 iPads will be sold overseas in June, though the number could go even higher. If that forecast is accurate, it would well exceed the 500,000 Macs expected to be sold in June.

Impressive numbers, if they prove to be accurate – especially as the article goes on to point out that the iPad is still not available in 78 out of 88 countries where the iPhone is.

Abramsky is also quoted as saying he thinks Apple will ramp up production to compensate for initial supply shortages, and predicts sales of 8.1 million iPads in 2010.

Via: Apple Insider

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 700,000 Sold on Day 1?


Image Source: wilsonellisconsulting

Wow.  A tech analyst has upped his predictions for first day sales of the iPad – to an incredible 600-700,000 units.  Just for a quick comparison point, the original iPhone sold 270,000 on Day 1. 

Piper Jaffrey tech analyst Gene Munster yesterday revised his initial single-day sales predictions for Apple’s iPad by as much as 250%. Prior to the iPads launch, Munster had expected Apple to sell 200,000 to 300,000 units (including pre-orders) within the first 24 hours. But after a bit more research and watching some 730 people flowing in and out of Apple’s 5th Avenue shop in New York City, Munster revised his estimate to a whopping 600,000 to 700,000 units sold.

If those numbers are even close to accurate, that’s just scary big success.  I don’t think there can be much doubt that Apple has another massive hit on its hands.  Everything I saw and heard yesterday ties in with this as well.  There were healthy lines of people with iPads reserved and walk-in buyers at every local store that I know of.

Anyone want to bet on whether they sell one million in the opening weekend?

Via: BGR

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 150,000 Pre-orders on First Weekend, Prediction of 500,000 by Release Day


If current estimates are correct, Apple has already had over 150,000 iPad pre-orders over the first weekend of accepting them, and that’s not counting all the reservations for in-store collection (which were already estimated at 40,000 on Day 1). 

Daniel Tello, who has been tracking the numbers closely, predicted that Apple will sell about 30,000 iPad preorders on weekdays, and half of that on weekends. He forecasts no more than a half-million preorders and reservations will be taken before the April 3 launch. He told Elmer-DeWitt he believes Apple will sell 1 million iPads by the second week after the device ships.

That’s from an Apple Insider report today.  If Tello’s numbers are accurate, that would be pretty stunning, given that most Wall Sreet analysts predict one million sales in the iPad’s first year on the market, and that the original iPhone took over two months to hit one million sold.

Sources: Apple Insider, Mashable, CNNMoney

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