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iPad Numbers and the Post-PC Era

iPad vs PC Sales Numbers

From Horace Dediu’s Asymco post on the second Year of the iPad in a row.

The iPad has out-sold the Mac since inception and is now about three times the volume. However, the growth rate in the Mac has not changed much.

The new data shows that the iPad alone would be the largest PC vendor and Apple with iPad and Mac combined is selling 5 million more units (or 30%) than the top PC vendor.

Selling three times as many iPads as Macs at a time when Mac sales continue on a nice upward trend is impressive – but that last bit that I’ve bolded above is the truly amazing part. The new data (latest quarterly results) shows that iPad alone would be the biggest PC vendor if it was considered a computer.

Maybe the Post-PC era that Steve Jobs talked about is not so far off.

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More Crazy iPad Numbers and More Thoughts on It from Apple’s CEO

App Wall

The iPad is an amazing and versatile device, and this week is providing plenty of evidence of the amazing numbers that back that up. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has also offered up some thoughts on why the iPad is such a huge success and how huge its potential is.

Here are a few of those amazing numbers that have caught my eye, along with some of those thoughts from Tim Cook, and a few of my own thoughts:

— As Alicia noted the other day, Apple sold over 40 million iPads in 2011, and over 15 million in the last quarter of the year. Both numbers are well ahead of all other tablets sold combined. The 15 million sold is also triple the number of Macs sold in that quarter – and it was a record quarter for Mac sales. Tim Cook said in Apple’s earnings call earlier this week that he believes there will come a day when the tablet market is bigger than the PC market.

That day may not be that far off, as highlighted by this comment noted by TechCrunch:

Towards the end of the earnings call, Tim Cook dropped a huge nugget of information: led by 15 million iPads sold last quarter, the tablet market is now larger than the entire desktop PC market.

–  More than 55 million iPads have been sold in less than two years on the market. Among the dozens of supposed rival Android, Windows, Blackberry and other tablets it doesn’t look likely that any of them have even sold 10 million thus far.

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Apple Is World’s Number 1 Mobile PC Maker, Thanks to iPad


Thanks to the success of Apple’s iPad, the Mac-maker accounted for 17.2 percent of all mobile PC shipments worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2010, making it the overall segment leader. DipslaySearch reports Apple shipped over 10.2 million MacBooks and iPads combined during the period, giving it the edge over closest competitors HP by almost a million units.

Wow. That’s an impressive milestone for Apple – and well deserved as their laptops are just stellar devices.

Oh, and the iPad’s contribution to this milestone is a massive one – since Apple told us last month during their earning call that they sold around 7.3 million iPads during their last quarter. So 70% of their market-leading 10 million units are iPads.

Source: GigaOM via iPad Means Business

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iPad Kicking Ass, Taking Names, Outselling Macs


Image Source: lasnark.com

During Apple’s quarterly results announcements yesterday, we heard a lot of huge numbers – including some spectacular iPad-related figures. Here’s some of the iPad numbers and details that grabbed my attention:

— The iPad outsold Macs – despite a record quarter for Macs! Almost 4.2 million iPads were sold – and over 3.9 million Macs.

— There are now over 30,000 apps designed specifically for iPad

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