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Review of AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder


If you are a user of an iPhone or an iPad, you would be pretty familiar with the fact that there comes a need of recording the screen activity quite often. There may be a number of different reasons behind recording your iPhone’s screen. You might want to do it for making some kind of tutorials, for recording some streaming videos, for recording video calls with your loved ones or for gameplay only.

There are a few applications that allow us to record the activity on our iPhone’s screen. iPhone Screen Recorder is one of these apps that come in very handy when you want to record your iPhone/iPad screen.  It’s a computer software (Win/Mac) that has the feature of connecting wirelessly to your iPhone using AirPlay. After the iPhone is connected to your PC, it shows you a mirror of your iOS display on your computer screen. The detailed review of iPhone Screen Recorder is discussed in the coming paragraphs.

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