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Display Recorder iPad App is Back (with an odd new name): Screen Recording on the iPad Demo


The Display Recorder app is back in the iPad App Store, though with an odd new name: Disp Recorder. This app lets you do screen recording right on the iPad itself, capturing both video and audio.

The app made a brief appearance on the App Store back in June and was quickly removed by Apple. At the time there were reports of a dispute over the app name and / or the app itself – as there was a jailbreak app by the same name developed by Ryan Petrich. I imagine the goofy new name may be related to that dispute.

In any case, for now at least, the app is back in the App Store and works mostly well at screen recording on the iPad. I say mostly well because I’ve found a few notable glitches with the app:

— Audio recording seems to start pretty much whenever if feels like. I tested several times starting to talk as soon as I tapped the Record button, waiting until I saw a second tick off on the recording timer,and could never see any rhyme, reason, or consistency in when it started. So as you may notice in the demo video above I started by saying some filler stuff and then let it record what I actually wanted to say.

— Direct upload to YouTube from the Disp Recorder app fails every time for me, with an export error.

— Saving it to the Camera Roll and uploading to YouTube works, but uploads in a format that won’t play on the iPad. So I had to save the video to the Camera Roll, upload to YouTube, download it on my Mac and convert it to .mp4 with the excellent Handbrake app.

Hopefully these things will be addressed in an update to the app, if it sticks around long enough this time.

Here’s an App Store link for Disp Recorder; it’s priced at $9.99 and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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