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New Gelaskins for iPad Look Great

El Guitarista Gelaskin for iPad

Gelaskins are superb ultra-thin skins for the iPad (and numerous other devices). And when these guys say ultra-thin it really means ultra-thin. I’ve tried a number of different skins from many leading vendors and have yet to find any that are as thin and light as Gelaskins.

I’ve written often here about a Smart Cover and a Gelaskin being my favorite ‘outfit’ for the iPad. So of course I’m excited to see that Gelaskins have a ‘Fresh Crop’ of new designs for the iPad. There are a number of lovely images that caught my eye in the new collection, but the one above is my current favorite. It’s called ‘El Guitarista’ by BUA.

I also like the look of this whole section:

New Gelaskins for iPad

These all go for $29.95 and you can check out the whole fresh crop for iPad (2nd, 3rd, 4th gen) at the Gelaskins page for them.

Do you already use a Gelaskin on your iPad? If so, which one and which are your favorite designs?

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Dr. Gonzo Is Back


I tried liking another Gelaskin. I really did. But I missed Dr. Gonzo – it didn’t feel the same seeing the back of my iPad 2 without seeing Gonzo making trouble back there.

I had tried re-applying my original Gonzo gelaskin a while back – and though it went mostly well there were a few sections that just refused to stay on properly. So I ordered another one recently and got it re-applied just a couple days ago. At $30 a pop these are not a throw-away expense, but I still haven’t found one I like as much so it was worth it to me.

As usual, my install of the gelaskin is far from perfect but it feels good enough to live with quite happily. Plus, hey, Gonzo is back. Fear and Loathing on the iPad 2 once again.

Oh, and here’s the Gelaskin product page for these in case you need a little Gonzo on your iPad:


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Featured iPad Accessories: Recover Wooden Skins

Recover iPad Cherry Mahogany wooden skin

I’ve seen a number of fun-looking skins for the iPad and the iPhone, and I’ve seen some handsome wooden cases for both devices.  What I don’t recall seeing before is a wooden skin for iDevices – and that’s what is on offer from the folks at Recover, a Portland based firm that makes custom wooden skins for the iPad, iPhone, and MacBooks.

I quite like the look of the iPad Cherry Mahogany wooden skin, shown above.  Hit the jump for more details on these skins and a couple more photos …

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