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Cool Things: Smarter Stand Makes iPad Smart Cover Smarter

Smarter Stand for iPad

I’m starting to think that Kickstarter may soon become my favorite source of new iPad accessories.It seems like a month doesn’t go by without discovering at least one very promising looking new iPad related gem on the superb community funding platform site.

Today Smarter Stand grabbed my attention.  It’s a nifty looking accessory that promises to make the iPad Smart Cover smarter – specifically it offers to turn an iPad Smart Cover or iPad Smart Case into a full-featured iPad stand.

The Kickstarter project for Smarter Stand reached its funding goal in less than 24 hours, and it looks destined to be a big success. Here’s a little about the idea behind the project and the Smarter Stand’s features:

The Smart Cover is one of the best accessories for iPad, but it’s too limiting as an iPad stand: either its so reclined you can’t see the screen or it’s so upright that I have to back-up. What you really want is the iPad facing you directly, but the Smart Cover doesn’t do that…until now!

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Review: Apple iPad Smart Case

iPad Smart Case Dark Grey

One of the quieter new product releases this week from Apple is the new iPad Smart Case. It’s a sort of extension of the iPad Smart Cover – offering protection for the front, back and sides of the iPad.

It was released on Monday afternoon and I picked one up at my local Apple Store first thing Tuesday morning.


The new iPad Smart Case is made of polyurethane and comes in a range of six colors – light gray, dark gray, blue, green, pink, and red.

The case’s interior is a soft, color-matched microfiber lining that should help a little in keeping the iPad screen clean.

It’s priced at $49, is compatible with the iPad 2 and new iPad 3, and can be personalized with laser engraving for free.

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Apple Releases New iPad Smart Case – Smart Cover Plus Back Protection

iPad Smart Case 2

Here’s a lovely little fella that didn’t manage to get a mention at Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote event yesterday. It’s the brand new iPad Smart Case, released yesterday by Apple with little or no fanfare.

It builds on the existing Apple iPad Smart Cover and adds some features that many users have been looking for and using other 3rd party cases for. Here are some of its main features:

— Automatic Sleep/Wake Feature – just like the smart cover, the iPad Smart Case automatically sleeps and wakes the iPad.

— Full coverage. Now the back and sides of the iPad are protected as well.

— Like Apple’s case for the original iPad, this one serves as a stand too – in viewing and typing positions.

It comes in a range of six colors and I polyurethane only (no leather version like the smart cover) – and is priced at $49. You can see details and place an order at Apple’s online store page for the iPad Smart Case or look for one in your  local Apple store.

I picked one up at an Apple Store this morning and I’ll post some first impressions on it very soon.

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