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Flipboard Updated, Adds Special Content Pages for Oprah, Rolling Stone, Wired, and More


Flipboard – the excellent, award-winning iPad social news magazine – has been updated this week, to Version 1.2.1.

This update adds special Flipboard pages from Oprah, Rolling Stone magazine, Wired, Elle, and more – nicely expanding its range of custom content pages.

Flipboard is conisdered by many to be perhaps the best iPad app yet. It’s certainly one of the flagship titles on the iPad App Store. As always, it’s good to see great apps not resting on their laurels and continuing to add new features and more good content.

You can find this latest version of Flipboard in the App Store now; it’s still a free app.

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NewsMix – Latest Social News App for the iPad

NewsMix for iPad

NewsMix – or NewsMix by sobees to use its full name – is the latest ‘social news’ app to hit the iPad App Store. It offers a default set of major news sources in a small range of typical categories – things like sports, technology, politics, culture, lifestyle, news and so on. The ‘social’ part comes via the ability to add your own individual RSS feeds, Google Reader integration, and hooks into your Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Here’s more on the app via its App Store page:

NewsMix by sobees has been thought to suit your every need! It lets you stay up to date with both your social media AND the world’s news, create your own mix of news and share articles with your community. All this in a fun, fast and easy-to-use interface. Thanks to NewsMix by sobees – YOUR own, personalized magazine – the latest news is only a tap away!

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Flipboard Updated – Adds More Sections and Several Enhancements

Flipboard iPad social news app

Flipboard is a social news app for the iPad. It’s one of several iPad apps that offers a much more visually exciting rendering of the latest news from the web and lets you customize it heavily with your own choices of content from Facebook, Twitter, and various sources in a range of popular categories – world news, art, fashion, technology and science, and so on.

It’s been recently updated, to Version 1.0.2.  It’s not a huge / major update, but it’s got some good additions and enhancements to an already stellar app. Hit the jump for details on the new version’s changes …

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