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Plinth: Versatile, Pocketable Stand for iPad & Other Tablets

Plinth iPad Stand

Plinth is an interesting looking little pocketable stand for the iPad and just about any other tablet. It’s a Kickstarter project that’s about half way to its funding goal with a little over a month left to meet its target.

It’s notable mainly because of its (very) small size and due to its being touted as a ‘universal’ tablet stand. It looks cleverly designed – folded down it fits in a pocket and is roughly the size of an iPhone; it uses ‘flip out wings’ and rubber feet to provide its stand capability.

I’ve used a few very small iPad stands in the past. Some, like the Twelve South Compass Mobile Stand, have been very impressive. Others have been OK, but lacked a little in terms of stability.

The Plinth looks good in its trailer video. I may try to get a review unit at an appropriate stage of the project – as I’m always on the lookout for good iPad and tablet stands.

Take a look at the Plinth Kickstarter page and see what you think of this versatile little stand.

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Cool Things: The Coburns iPad Stand on Kickstarter

the Coburns iPad Stand

I love a good iPad stand and it’s been a little while since on caught my eye. Now the Coburns iPad Stands Kickstarter project has changed that.

These are gorgeous and very impressive looking iPad stands, made from some beautiful hardwoods and handcrafted right here in the US. The Kickstarter project for them has already met and doubled its funding target. This has allowed for manufacturing to be up and running already and the the project’s creators claim this will be the fastest delivered physical product in Kickstarter history. If you’re ever waited around for Kickstarter products delivered months past their targeted date, that’s music to your ears.

Here’s a few of the reasons these iPad stands grabbed my attention:

— They’re said to provide nearly unlimited viewing angles in portrait and landscape mode.

— They’re very compact and fit in a shirt pocket.

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Cool Things: HiRise Adjustable Stand for iPad mini

HiRise iPad mini Stand

This is the latest cool iPad accessory from the lovely folks at Twelve South – the HiRise Adjustable Desktop Stand for iPhone 5 and iPad mini. These guys make a great range of cases and desktop accessories for iPad, iDevices, and Macs.

Here’s an excerpt from the Twelve South introduction of the HiRise:

HiRise’s height-adjusting cable clips and movable rear support allows HiRise to work with most cases on the market today – especially those with recessed connections that no other dock can fit. The secret is Apple’s extremely small, high quality Lightning Cable – which allows us to adjust the connector height and create a perfectly fitting dock with the Lightning cable you already have. The HiRise fits many of the most popular cases in the world, like the OtterBox® Defender and Speck CandyShell. Of course, our favorite case for HiRise is our own BookBook for iPhone. …

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Cool Things: KUBI Robotic Stand for iPad & Other Tablets

KUBI is an impressive looking robotic desktop stand for the iPad and a number of other tablets, that lets you pan around remote environments during video calls. It’s touted as ‘an affordable and practical telepresence solution’ and is compatible with FaceTime, Skype, and most consumer and enterprise video clients.

It can be used with nearly any tablet, from iPad mini to Surface Pro sizes.

You really need to take a look at the video above to see all the capabilities of KUBI.

KUBI is priced at $289. You can see more detail or place an order for KUBI at the Revolver Robotics product page for it. There’s also a special deal for it currently at Stack Social where you can get it for $30 less.


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Quick Look: Versastand Folding Desk Stand for iPad

VersaCase Folding Desk Stand for iPad

As often mentioned here, I’m a big fan of iPad stands. iPad stands that are versatile – even more so. The Versastand Folding Desking Stand for iPad (which will be referred to as just Versastand for the rest of this review) is touted as being amongst the most versatile you can find. Heck it’s even got a part of versatile in its name – that’s gotta be a good omen.

I’ve been trying one out for a few weeks now and have some thoughts to share.


As the name implies, this is a desktop stand for the iPad, that can be folded away for use on the go. The Versastand is compatible with the iPad 2, 3, and 4 (or iPad 3rd and 4th gen).

Some of its notable listed features include:

— Displays the iPad at optimal ergonomic, glare-free viewing angles

— 360 degree rotation for portrait and landscape viewing

— Folds to just over an inch thick

— Fully articulating arm

— Silver finish matches iPad

— Comes with a smart cover style case

You need to use the back cover case provided with the Versastand in order to use the stand – as there’s a connector piece that’s integrated in it.

It’s part of family of stands from Ergotech Group – others in the line include a kick stand, a surface mount, and a side monitor mount.

The Versastand is currently available for $79 at Amazon.

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WhiskiPad Stand: An iPad Stand, Made from Whisky Barrels

WhiskiPad Stand

Well, need I say more than the post title? It’s an iPad stand. And it’s made from recycled whisky barrels. It’s the WhiskiPad Stand, made by Heid in the UK.

I get lots of approaches for new iPad accessories of all kinds, but I have to admit this one had no problem standing out from the rest. Here’s a little of its elevator pitch:

The WhiskiPad stand has been designed and built from reclaimed materials, specifically, 100% recycled Scotch whisky barrels that you can still smell the natural whisky aroma from. The stand is an innovative product which is perfect for your iPad, iPhone and many other tablet and smartphone devices on the market today.

I don’t know that this will ever qualify as a versatile or ‘all-rounder’ sort of iPad stand, but I do know that I just found The Perfect Gift for my brother, who really knows his whisky and who is getting to know his iPad.

There are a few WhisiPad Stand packages to choose from, ranging in price from around $39.50 to $63. These packages come with a polish that keeps the stand smelling like whisky, certificates of authenticity, and miniature bottles of whisky – including one with a 12 year Glenlivet malt.

Seriously, for any of the whisky lovers in your life, how cool is this?

For more details or to place an order, check out the product pages at the Heid site

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Review: iOstand for iPad

iOSStand for iPad

iOstand is a sturdy, magnetic stand for the iPad and other tablets. The promo for it claims it ‘allows for instant mounting of your device and rotation in practically any direction’. I’ve been testing one out for a few weeks and I’m impressed with it.


The iOstand comes in three colors – Black Powdercoat, White Powdercoat, and stainless steel. I received the black model as a review unit.

The stand is roughly the height of an iPad in  portrait mode.  You use an additional piece called an iOadapt to attach your iPad to the magnetic core of the stand. Here’s a little background on the piece:

The razor-thin (.025″) iOadapt™ adheres instantly to your device and snaps to the iOcore™ adaptor. The iOcore provides nearly limitless viewing angles by allowing your device to rotate in any direction around the precision machined iOsphere™. Detaching your device is just as easy as snapping it on. Simply grab and pull it off from the iOcore™.

The iOadapt piece has  a high strength adhesive and is very difficult to remove, so the makers recommend installing it on a case rather than the iPad itself. I took their advice and applied it to my Padintosh back cover case for the iPad.  

iOSstand is priced at $100.

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Last Minute Gift Suggestions for the iPad Owner in Your Life

Alano for iPad mini

If you’ve got a significant other, family member, or friend who’s an iPad owner and likely to enjoy a new iPad accessory as a holiday gift, I’ve got a few last minute suggestions for you. These will work just as well if you feel like treating yourself and your own iPad a little over the next couple of weeks.

There are thousands and thousands of iPad accessories around these days – cases, covers, screen protectors, stands of all shapes and sizes, keyboards and keyboard cases, and on and on. So this is not intended as any sort of comprehensive guide to what’s out there. Instead it’s a very personal suggestion list. I’m fortunate in that because I run this site I get exposed to a wide range of iPad accessories and get an opportunity to check out and review those that strike me as most interesting.

In this post I’ll recommend some of the best I’ve seen and some personal favorite iPad cases and other useful iPad accessories. Let’s get started:

iPad Cases

iPad Smart Cover

Apple iPad Smart Cover:

This is one of the very best companions for the iPad or iPad mini. It attaches ‘like magic’ to the left side of the iPad and automatically wakes and sleeps the iPad when it is opened and closed. It’s very lightweight and comes in a nice range of colors. Smart Covers for the full-sized iPad (IPad 2,3, or 4) come in polyurethane and leather models. For the iPad mini, only the polyurethane models are available.

Price: $39 for the polyurethane smart covers, for iPad or iPad mini. $69 for the leather models.

Product Page: http://www.apple.com/ipad/accessories/

Apple also offers an iPad Smart Case for full coverage, but I have not found it to be anywhere near as impressive as the Smart Cover.

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FACET iPad Stand: Not Safe for iPad Use

Facet iPad Stand

The FACET iPad Stand started out as yet another iPad focused Kickstarter project. I backed the project and felt quite keen to see how this product turned out. It met its funding target and a couple days ago I received my Facet stand for the iPad.

iPad stands are not difficult or complex items to review, as they’re a very useful but quite basic sort of accessory most of the time. This one is even easier to review, for all the wrong reasons. In fact, for just one (very) wrong reason: it doesn’t work. It not only doesn’t work – it also puts your iPad at risk of getting damaged.

Facet is a pyramid shaped stand for the iPad that offers three slightly different viewing angles via its three sides – at 35°, 55° and 75°. The lowest angle that’s meant to be good for typing is not really low enough to be comfortable – but this is the least of your worries if you try this stand out.

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Review: Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad

Griffin A-Frame for iPad

I didn’t do a whole lot of Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping this year, but I did spot a few bargains that tempted me into a purchase. One of them was the Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad.

As some of you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of iPad stands. I like having my iPad / iPads close by even when I’m not using them – as I never go long during my workday without needing them for something. Since my iPad mini is now regularly in use in my favorite Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand, a new stand for my iPad 3 seemed a good item to grab during the seasonal sales. At some point while perusing Amazon the Griffin A-Frame caught my eye, and then a price tag of just $12.98 really grabbed my attention.

So how good a stand is the Griffin A-Frame for $13? The short answer is it pretty much reminds me that you get what you pay for. Hit the break for some reasons why …

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Slope: Elegant ‘No Hands’ iPad Stand on Kickstarter

Slope iPad stand

If you visit here more than once in a great while, you know I’m a big fan of iPad stands. And now I’ve spotted another great looking one on Kickstarter: the Slope stand – for the iPad, iPad mini, Nexus 7 and 10, and Kindle.

Take a look at that photo of the Slope above. No hands right? There doesn’t appear to be anything keeping the iPad in place on the stand. The secret sauce is suction:

Suction via thousands of tiny air pockets functioning as mini suction cups. …

Suction is the thing that drives its function. Slope has two nanofoam pads affixed to its aluminum base, one gripping the backside of the tablet, the other gripping the surface of the desk underneath. These pads are comprised of a special make of foam that, as you can see from the video, are extremely effective.

The material that comprises nanofoam was manufactured in such a way that it is laden with thousands of open air-pockets along its surface. Pressing an object with a flat surface up against the nanofoam forces the air out of the pockets thereby creating a vacuum, and it’s this vacuum that creates the suction you experience.

The Slope is made of ‘aerospace grade’ aluminum and should look great on a desk or just about anywhere you care to use it. It’s got a small footprint, which is always helpful, and seems to be very versatile in terms of where you can mount it too.

I’m in – I backed the project at the pledge level that gets me a Slope for the iPad ($59) – and looking forward to using this next March if the project gets funded.

You can see lots more detail, demo videos, and of course become a backer at the Slope Kickstarter project page.

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