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Todoist Next: Awesome Update to an Already Great Task Management Update

Todoist iPad app

I very rarely use the word ‘awesome’ here – especially in post titles – but in this case I just couldn’t resist. Todoist is an outstanding task management app for the iPad and across many other platforms. Its latest update, issued yesterday, brings powerful new collaboration and sharing features, clever new visual scheduling, and lots more.

I rely on this favorite app every day of the week to manage my work-related and personal tasks. Check out my review of Todoist for plenty of detail on why this is such an excellent task management solution.

These are some of the most notable new features in this latest update to Todoist:

— Collaboration: You can invite anyone to collaborate on tasks and projects. In this case anyone is an appropriate word – because Todoist works great in a browser and has excellent apps on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Collaboration includes the ability to assign tasks, comment on tasks, and get instant updates.

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Todoist To Do List Now Has an iPad App and It Looks Great

Todoist To Do List for iPad

The Todoist To Do List | Task List app has an iPad version. The app was just updated yesterday to Version 6.0 and became a universal app, with a full iPad version – and it looks just great. I’d looked at Todoist before and been impressed, but the lack of an iPad version had been a dealbreaker for me,

I’ve just installed the iPad version and the Mac app this morning and I am impressed again. In fact, I’m super excited about this app. I’m obsessive about task lists and task management and rely on them heavily to run my life and work. And this app looks like a serious contender to displace my current task management app, Wunderlist.

I switched to Wunderlist primarily because of its cross-platform support – so I could run it on my iPads and on my Galaxy Note 2 and more. Todoist checks off the same boxes in this area – great looking iPad app, nice Android app, good web app, and a very good Mac app too. It also has a clean and beautiful UI that I am already falling for in a big way.

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Things Cloud Beta Goes Public

Things Cloud Beta

As of today the Things Cloud beta is public, no invite required. This is the beta that is testing out cloud sync (or over-the-air sync) for the excellent Things task management app for iOS and Mac.

This is the one essential feature that’s been missing from Things for (in my view) far too long; so long that it caused me to switch over to OmniFocus. As a big fan of Things, I’m very happy to see that there is finally some real progress being made in their efforts to implement cloud sync. The developers had been allowing more and more users into the beta process over recent months, and they’ve been getting very positive feedback on the latest stages of the beta.

We’ve had incredible feedback from our users, telling us that Things Cloud is proving to be both fast and stable. Some of our users have adopted the beta entirely and created exceptionally large databases.

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Franklin Covey iPad App Coming in September?


It looks like we may see another good option for task management on the iPad in a couple months, as Franklin Covey, of the famed Franklin Covey planning system, may be releasing an iPad app in September.

Reader Chris was kind enough to leave us a comment on a post of ours on iPad use cases, and even provided the screenshot shown above. Here’s his comment:

I am a certified Franklin Covey facilitator in many of the great courses Covey offers and too love the paper planning system.  One requirement of any certified facilitator to maintain certification is to attend a yearly Facilitator Enhancement Day (FED).  I attended a FED in May 2011 and they introduced us to a new productivity solution that they plan on launching in September 2011.  In the participant manual we received there is a screenshot of an iPad app showing a new productivity solution.  

This is very good news for the many fans of the Franklin Covey system. I’ve recently switched to OmniFocus for task management on the iPad and I’m very happy with it, but I always like seeing more good choices for this type of productivity app.

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Latest Update on Things Cloud Sync: There Is No Update


Cloud sync is by far and away the biggest missing feature in the otherwise excellent Things task manager app for iPad, iOS and Mac. It has been for a long time now, while other rival apps have offered it well ahead of Things.

Last month there was some relatively good news for those of us long awaiting this feature; as Cultured Code (developers of Things) started a Things Cloud Sync Beta in early May. The not so great news at the time was that only Macs (no iOS devices) would be involved in the initial beta period, there was no timeframe at all for the beta period or ETA for when the feature would be released, and no indication as to whether the cloud sync feature would be free or paid for.

I’ve been curious about how the beta testing is going and hoping by now there might be some word on ETA for the new feature release – so today I had a quick check of the Things Blog and Cultured Code’s Twitter account. Their most recent tweet was a reply pointing a user at an FAQ page for the latest info on Cloud Sync.

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Things Cloud Sync Beta Has Started


Cultured Code has kicked off their beta testing program for cloud sync for their Things task management app. They’ve started the beta testing on schedule with a small group of testers that will be expanded as the testing moves forward.

That’s the good news, that beta testing has begun. Here’s the not-so-good news:

— The current round of beta testing includes only Macs, no iOS devices at all.

— There’s no timeframe announced for how long testing will take.

— There’s no decision yet as to whether the cloud sync service may be charged for or not.

I love Things as a task management app, and it’s been one of my most used apps on the Mac and on iOS for ages – but its current WiFi sync is getting worse all the time, and Cultured Code have taken so long to address this cloud sync issue, and there’s still no end line in sight and no clear answer on whether it will be charged for. It’s becoming harder and harder to stay with Things. I now find myself looking closely at every tasks app that gets an update and adds features.

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2Do Task App Updated – iPad Enhancements and Bug Fixes


2Do:Tasks Done in Style – the popular and award-winning task management app for iPad and iOS – was updated yesterday, to Version 2.4.63.

The update includes a couple of iPad enhancements, a couple of new universal features, and a number of bug fixes. Here’s the details on what’s new:

★ On iPad tapping on a project/checklist in landscape now shows parent task details
★ On iPad side panel ‘stats HUD’ is now context sensitive. It will show stats for currently selected calendar only.
★ Changing priority of tasks from main list view now refreshes list immediately to reflect new placement
★ Optionally switch back to ‘classic toodledo priority mapping’ when syncing with Toodledo

And here’s an App Store link for 2Do; it’s priced at $6.99 and is a universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

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Things OTA Sync Beta Coming in May


Bitch and you shall receive, that’s how the saying goes right? Just yesterday I bitched again about the lack of OTA sync in the (otherwise excellent) Things task manager app, and last night the folks at Cultured Code (developers of Things) announced on their blog that OTA sync will begin testing in May.

Here are some of the major points outlined in their blog post:

— Things on iOS and Mac will need to be updated to enable communication with the cloud server.

This software upgrade will come at no charge, and will also sport a revamped database layer that is not only faster, but specifically optimized for cloud sync usage.

— Things sync will not be automatic it sounds like, but it will sync ‘frequently’ enough that ‘there should hardly be any reason’ for doing any manual syncs.

Whenever you open Things, switch applications, or wake your computer from sleep, Things will check back with the server to see if there are any updates to pull.

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Another Things Update, Still No OTA Sync


Things – the excellent task manager app for iOS – got another update last week, to version 1.7.2. The update added the ability to create repeating tasks on the iPad or iPhone, and not much else.

Here’s the key thing this latest update did not add – over-the-air (OTA) sync – which continues to be the one huge missing feature in an otherwise stellar app. In my view, this is a long overdue feature by now. Things has been in the iOS App Store since 2008. The iPad version of the app has been around since April of 2010. The iPad and Mac versions of Things are priced at relatively premium levels, at $19.99 and $49.99 respectively. Many other top productivity apps have offered OTA sync for a long while now, and many have recently added cloud sync via Dropbox and similar cloud services.

It is way past time for Things to offer OTA sync. Right now, as soon as you step away from your local WiFi network, Things sync ceases to work. So if you’re out and about and remember a critical task you need to jot down, Things is pretty much no use to you. Worse still, Things’ WiFi sync is getting worse and worse. I find more and more often lately it gets stuck and fails to complete even when my iPad and MacBook Pro are within 15 feet of each other on the same WiFi network.

Things has been my favorite and everyday tasks app – on the Mac and iOS devices – for years now, and I hate thinking of switching away from it. But I am fed up with waiting on OTA sync and I now look carefully and longingly at every new tasks app I see hit the App Store. I am also seriously looking at other existing apps for this purpose.

Of course I’m just one user – but it seems to me that if someone who has been a huge fan of the app is feeling ready to switch away from it, that’s not a good omen.

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Wunderlist HD – Cloud-syncing Task Manager App for iPad Looks Good

Wunderlist HD for iPad

Wunderlist HD is a very impressive looking new task manager app for the iPad. It has an iPhone app and free desktop apps for Mac and Windows to sync with. It’s the first tasks app that has tempted me enough to actually give it a go as a possible replacement for Things.

Things has been a favorite and most-used app for me for ages now, on the iPhone, the Mac, and the iPad. Sadly, I am finding its lack of over-the-air sync more and more of a turn-off, especially as its local WiFi sync becomes more and more unreliable. It will take a lot to make me actually switch away from Things, but Wunderlist has got me giving it a try mainly for the following reasons:

— As of just yesterday, it’s got a shiny new iPad version.

— It has a good-looking, free desktop companion app (for Mac and Windows) – I’ve never been convinced by any of the online to-do services that other apps sync with.

— The Wunderlist UI is not as simple and elegant as Things, but it’s good looking enough on both the Mac and the iPad for my tastes.

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Things for iPad Updated – Adds Support for Repeating Tasks


Things for iPad – the iPad version of the superb task manager app for iPad, iOS and Mac – has been updated, to Version 1.4. Here’s what’s new:

• Repeating Tasks. Our flexible and robust repeating tasks feature is now also available on the iPad. Create recurrences in your Scheduled list, either based on a calendar pattern (e.g. every last day in the month), or at a fixed interval after completing the previous task (e.g. 2 weeks after completion).
• Sync repeating tasks with the Mac version of Things.
• Bug fixes and other improvements.

A nice add, but like many other Things users, there is really only one update I’m wanting to see for Things – cloud (or OTA) sync.

You can find the latest version of Things for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $19.99.

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