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A Fix for ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ Errors on iPad

Cannot Connect to iTunes Store


UPDATE: This problem has been around for months now and thanks to comments from Barry, Alex, JimmyJohn and further research there are now a few more effective fixes for this. Please see our new post titled ‘Best Fixes for Cannot connect to iTunes Store Errors‘ for the best current fixes for this issue.

This morning I encountered an issue I’d never had before on any of my iPads, or iPhones for that matter: I was unable to install updates or new apps on my iPad.  In researching a solution this morning I saw that a number of other users have had this and similar issues, so I thought I’d share my experience and the ultimate solution to the issue that worked for me.

The Problem and Initial Troubleshooting Steps:

When I tapped to update an app, the app’s icon text changed to showing ‘Waiting’ and then sat there doing nothing for 15 minutes and more. It never got past that status. After 15-20 minutes an error dialog finally popped up – the one shown in the screenshot above, saying ‘Cannot connect to iTunes Store’. I tried several different apps that needed updates – and got the same result with each one.

I was on my home WiFi network with a solid connection – Mail app was sending and receiving just fine, Safari was happily loading web pages, and the App Store was opening and loading all its pages just fine as well. So there was no connectivity issue.

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How To Setup Parental Controls (Restrictions) on the iPad

iPad Settings Restrictions

The iPad is a wonderfully easy and intuitive device to use. This is generally nothing but a major advantage – but at times it can cause issues if you have children who share your iPad or are allowed to use it from time to time. Problems you might encounter range from a child inadvertently deleting a frequently-used app to discovering that your child’s favorite new iPad game has allowed them to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of charges to your credit card via In-App purchases.

Fortunately, the iPad (and iOS) comes with a strong set of parental controls that you can choose to apply to reduce the chances of seeing any problems when you allow your kids to use an iPad, it’s a shared one or one of their own. On the iPad these are called Restrictions – and here’s a quick rundown of how they can be setup:

You’ll find these controls in the iPad’s Settings app – under Settings > General > Restrictions.

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iPad Tips: Easiest Way To Get Deleted Apps Back on Your iPad


Here’s a quick, useful iPad tip that will help you out if you’ve ever accidentally deleted an app you had installed on your iPad. Or perhaps had a child who accidentally deleted an app you still want on your iPad.

Luckily, regardless of how an app was deleted, it’s very easy to get it back on your iPad. There are a few ways to get a deleted app back. I’ll list them in order of how easy they are, with the easiest method listed first – here are the steps to get back deleted apps on your iPad:

Use the Purchased Tab in the iPad App Store:

— Open the App Store app on your iPad.

— Tap on the Purchased button in the bottom nav bar.

— Tap on the ‘Not On This iPad’ tab at the top of the screen. That will give you a complete listing of all apps that you have purchased (including free apps) that are not currently installed on the iPad.

— Tap on the download symbol next to the app you want to restore – it’s the symbol next to the app name, a cloud with a downward arrow inside it.

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iPad Tips: Tap and Drag to Select Multiple Photos in the Photo Library


Here’s a neat little iPad tip that I spotted over at Mac OS X Hints this morning. It’s a slick alternative way to select multiple photos in the iPad photo library.

The way I’ve always known to select multiple photos in any album in the photo library is to tap the Share button at the top right of the screen and then tap on each photo you want to select. This of course comes in very handy when you want to copy or delete a number of photos at once.

The new method takes some getting used to, but is quite effective once you get the hang of it. Here’s how it works:

— Go into any album in your iPad photo library, and tap on the Share button at the top right of the screen

— Tap with two fingers held close together (I find index and middle easiest, your mileage may vary) and hold just for the briefest moment and then drag the two fingers across all the photos you want to select.

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The Fastest Way to Delete Large Numbers of Photos from Your iPad Camera Roll


If you want to get rid of a few photos in the iPad’s Camera Roll it’s easy enough to just tap and delete within the Photos app on the iPad. If, however, you’ve imported and built up a collection of dozens or even hundreds of images in the Camera Roll that’s not a barrel of laughs anymore.

Here’s my quick suggestion for the best / fastest way to delete a large number of photos from your iPad (if you’re using a Mac):

** As an extra cautious step, you may want to run one full ‘Import All’ process without the ‘Delete after import’ checkbox enabled, and check that all the images imported successfully before running a second one per the steps below.  

— It’s a good idea to save your Camera Roll photos to somewhere just in case you want some or all of them back at a later date – this process using the Image Capture app accomplishes this.

— Launch the Image Capture app on your Mac – it’s probably not in the dock, so you’ll need to launch it from the /Applications folder.

— Connect your iPad to your Mac.

— Image Capture should recognize the iPad right away, and start displaying thumbnails of the images you have in the iPad Camera Roll.

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