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iPad Basics: No You Cannot Upgrade Storage Memory or Add 4G Cellular Data After Purchase

Choose iPad model

Here’s a very quick, very basic iPad buying tip. This is common knowledge for most veteran iPad or tablet owners, but I see these questions asked so frequently in online forums that I thought it was worth a short post.

The questions I’m referring to, and the short answers, are as follows:

Can the iPad’s storage memory after purchase? No. The storage space available out of the box is what you get, and cannot be upgraded. The iPad also has no SD or other additional storage ports. So choose wisely when deciding between 16, 32. an 64GB models. My general rule of thumb is to always go for the maximum storage as long as it’s within  my budget.

Can a WiFi iPad be upgraded to add 4G or any Cellular data plan? No. If you buy a WiFi only iPad it is always going to be a WiFi only model. You cannot upgrade any of the internal components of the iPad. If you own an iPhone or another smartphone you can look into tethering options to provide connectivity to your iPad when away from WiFi.

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iCloud Tips: How To Create a Shared Photo Stream and Make It a Public Website

Photo Stream Public Website

Photo Stream is one of the cool features that are part of Apple’s iCloud service. Shared Photo Streams are one of the best things about Photo Stream. A shared Photo Stream, as the name would imply, lets you easily and almost instantly share a particular set of photos with family and friends.

Even better is this little extra feature in shared photo streams: the ability to make a shared Photo Stream a public website. And it’s very easy to do. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app on your iPad (or iPhone), scroll down in the left sidebar, and tap on the ‘Photos & Camera’ section

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How To Turn Off In App Purchases on the iPad / iOS

iPad Restrictions

Recently there’s been plenty of news coverage of young kids running up ridiculous bills on their parents’ credit cards when playing what they thought were free games on the iPad or iPhone.

In fact they were playing ‘freemium’ games – games that are free to install but offer numerous In-App purchase options that can quickly rack up charges into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Often these In-App purchases allow the player to advance more quickly within a game or to have access to better and more advanced features. So they’re very appealing, especially for youngsters who don’t really understand or think about how the charges incurred may mount up.

I’ve experienced this first-hand with my daughter a few years back and heard from countless friends and acquaintances when they’ve had similar experiences.

There’s an easy way to put a stop to this on the iPad – to disable the ability to make In-App purchases. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app and tap on the General section in the left sidebar.

— Scroll down a bit in the right hand side area of the page, until you see the ‘Restrictions’ bar (as shown above) and tap on that

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The Fastest Way to Remove All the Photos from the iPad Camera Roll

Remove images from iPad Camera Roll

Deleting a single photo from the iPad Camera Roll is easy. Deleting a handful of photos – say 20 or so – is also pretty simple to get done. But if you have got hundreds or even thousands of images in your Camera Roll, there’s not an easy or quick way to remove them all right on the iPad itself.

Fortunately there is an easy and fast way to do this by connecting your iPad to a Mac or Windows PC and using the default photo import apps.

Here’s how …

On a Mac:

*** A good safety measure when doing this is to do one import without choosing the ‘delete after import’ options and check that all your images have been successfully imported before running it a second time and letting the images be removed from the iPad.

— Connect your iPad to your Mac via USB using its sync cable.

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iPad Tips: How To Use WiFi While Airplane Mode Is On

Using WiFi in Airplane Mode

Here’s a neat little tip on how to use WiFi or Bluetooth even when you’ve got Airplane Mode activated on your iPad. It couldn’t be much simpler – here’s how you do this:

— Open the Settings app.

— Turn on Airplane Mode at the top of the left sidebar.

— Then tap on Wi-Fi just below that on the sidebar and tap to turn it On.

— If you need Bluetooth, tap the Bluetooth bar and tap to turn it On.

Doing this will leave you with your WiFi and or Bluetooth connectivity active, while keeping your cellular modem turned off.

This is obviously a tip that’s more useful for iPhone users, but it should still prove handy for iPad users when traveling on flights that offer wireless service.

I spotted this tip from OS X Daily via a thread today at my favorite Apple forum.

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iPad Tips: How to Change Your iTunes Store Location


This is a question I see come up a lot in iPad and iOS forums: how to change your location for iTunes and the App Store. Luckily, it’s very easy to do – right on the iPad itself. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app on your iPad.

— Tap on the entry for iTunes & App Stores in the left sidebar – as shown above.

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How To Manage iCloud Storage & Backup on the iPad

iPad iCloud Settings

Want to know how big your iCloud backups are? Or how to manage iCloud storage and backup right on your iPad? This is easy to on the iPad.

Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app.

— Tap on the entry for iCloud in the sections listed in the left sidebar. You’ll see the iCloud screen shown above.

— Then tap on the Storage and Backup bar, just above the Delete Account bar at the bottom of the page.

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iPad Tips: A Faster Way to See Drafts in Mail App

iPad Mail Drafts

Here’s a neat and simple little iOS 6 trick I learned this morning that offers faster access to your email drafts in the iPad Mail app:

Tap and hold on the Compose button at the top right of the Mail screen. Below the New Message button you’ll see a listing of your previously saved drafts, with the most recent one shown first.

This is much easier than navigating to the Drafts mailbox in the Mail app.

Hat tip to Jesse Hollington at iLounge for sharing this handy tip.

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iPad Tips: How To Find Out How Much Storage Space Is Being Used by Photos

iPad Usage Screen

Storage space is often at a premium on our computing devices, and especially on our mobile devices. The iPad is no exception and if you own one for long enough you’ll likely have at least one occasion where you need to look at managing and freeing up storage space.

When this occurs, it’s very useful to know exactly what is taking up space on your iPad. In the past I’ve posted on how to see how much space is being used by each of your iPad apps. For many of us it can also be very handy to know how much space is being used by photos on the iPad.

Fortunately this is just as easy as seeing apps’ space usage, and you go to the same place to check on this. Here’s how:

— Open the iPad Settings app

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iPad Basics: How To Identify Which iPad Model You Have

iPad Back

There are a number of reasons why it might be important to identify which iPad model you have, or which iPad model you are considering buying. For starters, it might well influence what price you are willing to pay or can expect to receive when buying or selling an iPad.

Luckily, it’s a very easy thing to do. Here’s how to identify which model an iPad is:

— Look at the back of your iPad. Down towards the center bottom you’ll see the word iPad, and below it the amount of storage space it has (16,32, or 64GB). Below that you’ll see some fine print about the iPad. The first line begins with ‘Designed by Apple in California.’ At the end of that line you’ll see ‘Model’ and a 5 character model number beginning with the letter ‘A’. For example, my iPad is Model A1430 – an iPad 3rd gen 64GB WiFi + Cellular model.

— Once you have your 5 character model number you can check it against Apple’s listing of all iPad models, found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5452

Apple’s listing will tell you which generation your iPad is, when it was released, and whether it is a WiFi only model or WiFI + Cellular.

That’s it. That’s all you need to know in order to identify which model an iPad is.

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How To Setup a New iPad, No Computer Required

New iPad


Are you getting a new iPad for a loved one or friend this holiday season? Or maybe receiving one as a gift yourself? If so, you may find it handy to know how to go through the basic setup to get your shiny new iPad ready to start being used.

Luckily, this is a very simple process and does not require a computer. Here’s how it goes:

— Wake the iPad up by pressing the Home button or Power button, and slide to configure as prompted on the screen.

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