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How to Make Passcode Lock Work with the iPad 2 Smart Cover


This is another very basic iPad tip, but we’ve had a few questions about it in the comments on other posts, so I’ll share it again here. Many iPad and iOS users like to use a Passcode Lock for a bit of added security on their iDevices.

And a few of our readers have asked whether a Passcode Lock can still be used if you’re using the iPad 2 Smart Cover. The answer is Yes, you absolutely can.


Apart from turning Passcode Lock in Settings > General, there’s one additional setting you need to get right in order to have your passcode still work with the smart cover. This setting is located directly below the Passcode Lock entry, at Settings > General > iPad Cover Lock/Unlock. You need to ensure that that one is set to ON in order for the passcode lock to work each time you open and close the smart cover.

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How To See How Much Space Is Being Used By Each of Your Apps in iOS 5

iOS 5 shows space used by each app

Here’s another very nice new feature in iOS 5 on the iPad that I had not noticed before: you can see how much storage space is being used by each one of your installed apps.

Here’s how to have a look at how much space each installed app is taking up on your iPad:

— Go into the Settings app and tap on General on the left hand pane

— Then tap on Usage on the right hand side – the third option down the page

— Usage will show you how much space is currently available and how much is in use, and then list the ten apps currently using up the most storage space on your iPad (or other iOS device). At the end of the listing there’s a button to tap to show details for all apps.

You can tap on each app to see details on the size of the app itself, and a separate area showing the amount of space being used by documents and data belonging to the app.

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iPad Basics: How to Jump Straight to the Top of the Page in Safari, Mail, Notes, and More


OK, veteran iPad users look away – this is another of our occasional iPad Basics tips, for those who are newer to the device.

If you’ve ever scrolled way down through an interesting article in the iPad’s Safari web browser app and wished there was a quick way to jump straight back to the top of the page, well … there is. In fact there’s a very simple way to do this. You just tap in the status bar, and you’ll be immediately scrolled back to the top of the page. The status bar is the thin black bar at the very top of the Safari page, with the current time displayed right in the middle of it – as indicated in the screenshot above.

This also works in the built-in Mail, Notes, App Store, and Settings apps, as well as in many 3rd party apps.

In the iPad Mail app, this little feature works particularly well if you are using Mail in landscape view. You can then tap the status bar in the area above the Inbox column on the left to return to the top of the Inbox messages listing, and you can also tap the status bar in the area above the individual message preview to go back to the top of the current message.

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Getting Started with the iPad


Just got a shiny new iPad as a holiday gift? Here’s an easy Getting Started Guide for your magical new tablet friend.

The iPad has been the hit electronic device of 2010, named best gadget of the year by Time Magazine and just about everyone else in end-of-year awards. I’m sure many of you have received a shiny new iPad as a holiday gift this year – and I’m hoping this short guide will give you a good jump-start on getting the most out of your iPad.

I’ve broken this guide up into short sections covering key topics, so you can dive in and out of them as needed for subjects you are interested in. Hit the Read More link to get started …

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How To Save Web Pages for Reading in iBooks (on a Mac)

print to iTunes

Have you ever started reading a long article on the web and thought that it would be great to be able to read it in iBooks on the iPad? If so, did you know it’s quite easy (on a Mac) to print a web page as a PDF to iTunes and read it later on the iPad (or iPhone) in iBooks?

Well … it is. Read on for a quick rundown on how it’s done …

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How To Save Images in the iPad Safari and Mail Apps

iPad Tips and Tricks

Here’s another basic but very handy tip for those of you who are new to the iPad.  You may often receive a photo in an email that you want to save and keep on your iPad – or spot an image in a web site that you’d like to save.

It’s very easy to do this on the iPad – hit the lovely little read more link to see how …

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Getting Started with iPad – A Few Basic Tips

iPad Getting Started Tips

A quick set of Getting Started tips for the iPad

Today is iPad Launch Day Part 2 – the day that the iPad WiFi + 3G models hit the streets.  I’ve had my WiFi only iPad for just about four weeks now, so this seems as good a time as any to share a few quick ‘iPad Starter’ type tips.

Read on for some categorized tips that I hope may be helpful if you’re just getting to know your lovely new iPad …

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How-To: Use The iPad as a Digital Picture Frame

iPad Picture Frame mode

A quick guide to using your iPad in Picture Frame mode

If you thought the iPad was going to make for a gorgeous digital photo frame, you were absolutely right.  This is already one of the many pleasures I’ve found in the iPad.  I’ve got my iPad dock placed just to the right of my main MacBook on my desk – and it is a perfect spot to enjoy some great family photos when I put the iPad into Picture Frame mode.

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