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Dumb Trash-talking Ad for Asus’ iPad Rival Pulled by Best Buy


The image above is a banner ad for the Asus EeePad – that was apparently briefly displayed at Best Buy’s online site, before reportedly being pulled by the retailer, possibly after a request from Apple.

I’d say let the ad run wherever Asus wants to post it. It’s more than stupid enough to do the upcoming tablet’s fortunes more harm than good on its own anyway.

Seriously, what a dumb ad. What point is it even trying to make? That users hate on-screen keyboards? There are plenty of keyboard dock, keyboard + case, and wireless keyboard solutions for that for the iPad. If that’s really the killer feature Asus wants to run with, well then good luck with that.

Also, doesn’t the Asus tablet look a hell of a lot like a netbook? Because they haven’t seen their sales utterly torn apart by the iPad right?  

News Via: 9to5Mac

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If You’re Going to Trash-talk About Numbers, Shouldn’t You Be Able to Count?


Image Source: excitingwallpaper

Just in case you haven’t already seen the latest bit of really poor iPad trash talking, I’ll share it here. A gent called Andy Lark, who is Dell’s global head of marketing for large enterprise and public organizations (does that even fit on a business card?), had this to say about the iPad while talking to CIO Australia recently:

An iPad with a keyboard, a mouse and a case [means] you’ll be at $1500 or $1600; that’s double of what you’re paying. That’s not feasible.

Lucky the words knowledgeable or ‘math whiz’ didn’t make it into that long job title of his. Small point for Mr. Lark to note: there is no such thing as a mouse for an iPad. Spending on one would be almost as dumb as Lark’s math. For how dumb that is, I’ll defer to my friend Joshua at Macgasm:

We know, addition is hard.

All prices in USD

  • iPad = $499
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard = $69.00
  • iPad Dock = $29.00
  • iPad Smart Cover = $69.00
  • Grand Total = $666.00

I guess if Lark could actually do math or notice small details like the industry’s runaway leader in the tablet market not being mouse-driven, they might up his title to head of marketing in this galaxy for humungous enterprises.

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PCWorld Writer Says iPad Is Just a Passing Fad


Image Source: http://www.socialmediaphilanthropy.com/

Katherine Noyes of PCWorld is definitely not a believer in the iPad (or tablets in general) as Post-PC devices that will meet with lasting success. In fact, she believes they are all ‘nothing more than a passing fad’. She is stunned that sales are currently ‘backing up the hype’ and seems amazed that ‘something’ has made them catch on with consumers.

Here’s a lovely little excerpt from her article on this, where she identifies what that certain something might be that has got consumers interested (emphasis below is mine):

What is that mysterious "something"? Purely marketing, I believe. Apple is nothing if not master of the glitzy sales pitch, and there’s never been better proof of that than the iPad’s current success.

Mark my words: The device–and all the others of its ilk that have sprung up for a piece of the action–are nothing more than a passing fad, at least in the mainstream.

Oh, I love the ‘pure marketing’ argument. It makes so much sense after over 15 million iPads have been sold – because nobody would speak up and tell all their friends that it’s a useless over-hyped device during the year it’s been in users’ hands.

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