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New iPad Apps: TumbleOn Streaming Image Viewer for Tumblr


TumbleOn is a good-looking new Tumblr streaming image viewer app for the iPad. The developers feel that images are the best part of Tumblr and their app focuses on optimizing Tumblr image viewing on the iPad.

Here’s a bit more background on it via the App Store page for the app:

Tumblr is a great social blogging service that encourages you and your friends to find great content and share it with each other. One of the best parts of Tumblr is the great images that people share.

With TumbleOn, and your Tumblr account, you can find and share great photos, right on your iPad.

With other Tumblr apps, you’re limited to just viewing your dashboard, or tediously finding the Tumblr blogs you like over and over again. TumbleOn makes exploring new content and revisiting your favorite Tumblr photo blogs easy.

With TumbleOn, you can view thousands of photos in minutes and find great content faster than in other apps.

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Tumbleroo – First iPad App for Tumblr

Tumbleroo iPad Tumblr app

The iPad was virtually built for browsing Tumblr, and Tumbleroo is the first iPad app for Tumblr. Tumbleroo brings a native feel to your Tumblr adventures that you’ll love. Big colorful photos, full-screen videos, and all the liking and reblogging you can handle.

That’s the opening slice of the App Store description for Tumbleroo. As you can see, they’re claiming to be the first Tumblr app for the iPad.  I can’t recall seeing another one, but then again I haven’t been looking for one either – so jump in the comments if you have spotted another one.

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