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Twitter for iPad – First Impressions

Twitter app for iPad

Twitter for iPad was released late last night.  This is of course the official app from Twitter themselves and, more importantly, the creation of Loren Brichter – the developer of the excellent Tweetie app, which was bought by Twitter.

Like many folks round the web – and seemingly 90% of the Twitterverse – I stayed up late last night once I heard it was going to be released, and played the patience-testing game of near constant App Store refreshing until I managed to download it. 

My tweet in the screenshot above was my very first impression of the app – well worth the staying up late and the wait.  Here’s some much better words, courtesy of @brandonsteili, that sum up what I was really thinking:

Seriously, @atebits has a mastery of the iOS SDK that just boggles the mind.  Incredible job on the iPad Twitter app.

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Osfoora HD – Gorgeous iPad Twitter App, an Instant Favorite

Osfoora HD iPad Twitter app

Osfoora HD for Twitter is a new iPad Twitter app. It’s also one of those apps that provokes a ‘love at first sight’ type reaction for me.  Its App Store page touts it as having a gorgeous UI – and it absolutely does.

I’ve been underwhelmed by iPad Twitter clients thus far.  Twitterrific had been my favorite amongst a not very inspiring bunch – but they’ve all taken a back seat now to Osfoora HD.

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