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eWallet for Mac Launched


eWallet for Mac is available as of today.  This has been a long while coming and will be a real sight for sore eyes for a lot of fans of eWallet.  For those who don’t know the app, it is one of the leading secure password manager apps on the iPhone and across a number of mobile platforms. 

It is hugely well-respected, has won numerous awards for best app in its category, and is a feature-packed wallet application.  It’s one big missing piece until today (for those of us who use a Mac) was the lack of a Mac desktop client – and I’m very happy to see that can now be crossed off the eWallet wish list.

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1Password Pro Updated, Now Includes iPad Version

1Password Pro for iPad

The latest version of 1Password Pro hit the App Store the other night – and it includes its iPad specific version as part of the package.  I’ve been using 1Password Pro on my MacBook and my iPhones for a long while now – it has performed great and is now an essential app for me.

I waited for this 1Password Pro update, as it provided the new iPad version of the app to existing owners for free – a very nice thing to see.  The app itself looks great on my iPad – just as expected after seeing some of its pre-release mockups.

I’ll have more to say soon on 1Password Pro on the iPad – but for now I’m just very glad to see an old friend on my shiny new toy / workhorse.

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1Password for iPad: Should Be in iPad App Store Day 1


Great news from Agile Web Solutions today – they have got their 1Password for iPad updates submitted to Apple within the deadline for being in the iPad App Store on launch day.  So if it doesn’t hit any Apple review roadblocks, it should be in the store for Day 1.

The pricing for 1Password for iPad is $6.99 – but the options for 1Password Pro and existing users of it and their cost for the new app get a little confusing (to me anyway).  Hit the jump for details …

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Latest on 1Password for iPad – New Screenshots

1Password for iPad mockups

I posted a few weeks back on 1Password for the iPad – when we got a first look at some mockups of it via Switcher’s Blog.  1Password is an essential app for me on both the iPhone and the MacBook – so it’s one I’m definitely looking forward to seeing on iPad.

Today, there is more news on 1Password for iPad, and some new screencaps of design mockups – including the ones shown above.

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