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No Office for iPad: Microsoft Leaving Billions on the Table?

Office on Surface

Image Source: gearlive.com

Fortune reports today on a Wall Street analyst’s premise that Microsoft is leaving billions of dollars on the table by not offering MS Office on the iPad. The analyst is Adam Holt at Morgan Stanley, and his figure for how much Microsoft may be missing out on is $2.5 billion.

His number is based partly on the fact that Microsoft Surface tablets have poor sales and very low market share thus far. He also argues that a much higher percentage of Mac users (30-40%) install paid versions of Office than their Windows PC counterparts – and then assumes a similar 30% install rate for around 200 million iPads.

Check out the Fortune article for all the details on how Holt does his figuring. I wouldn’t venture any sort of guess on the accuracy, or lack thereof, of his numbers – but I absolutely agree that Microsoft is losing out by not selling Office on the iPad.

I’ve said for a long while that Microsoft has much more to lose by keeping Office off the iPad than Apple does. Apple’s won iWork suite and other Office-compatible suites sell well and presumably far better for the absence of Office. iPad users have viable alternatives by now, but I know that lots of them would love to buy Office for iPad apps.

Isn’t Microsoft supposed to be a software company? I don’t see how continuing to deny the success of the iPad, or writing it off as a flash in the pan, benefits them. There’s a potentially massive market there for Office, and they just continue to ignore it. They might want to take a look at how Google operates despite being an Apple ‘rival’.

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Cool Things: iPad Finger-Painted Caricatures at Macworld/iWorld

Macworld iWorld Caricatures

What’s cooler than going to Macworld/iWorld and having a personal caricature done as a keepsake for the event? Having the caricature finger sketched on an iPad of course.

And that’s exactly what was on offer at this year’s event – courtesy of Zach Trenholm. Trenholm worked as a celebrity caricaturist for the press for many years and now specializes in sketching live at special events. How great must that be to have that kind of talent and have that as your day job.

Hit the break to check out a couple of these impressive caricatures and the people who sat for them …

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Recommended: Steven Aquino on iPad and iOS’ Impact on Those with Impairments

iPad in Use with Special Needs Children

The Magazine has become one of my favorite regular reads on the iPad. I’ve read a number of great pieces on a wide range of topics in it over recent months. This week one particular article in Issue 9 drew me in and ended up being great read and a great feel-good piece as well.

The article is titled Re-Enabled – iOS’s impact on those with impairments isn’t just a marketing slide; it’s profound, and was written by Steven Aquino.

The marketing slide reference is to a brief moment during last year’s WWDC keynote event where Soctt Forstall highlighted the new Guided Access feature of iOS and showed a slide of a autistic boy using an iPad (shown above). Here’s why Aquino is uniquely qualified to write about how this works in the real world:

That scenario plays out for me every day. I work with special-needs children, and I also have a severe visual impairment.

And here’s a little excerpt that shows just how effective the iPad and iOS are proving with Aquino and the kids he works with:

You might suspect that the iPad’s whiz-bang interaction would distract our kids. But we’ve found that it keeps our students attentive and engaged far better and longer than any of our conventional tools. And with Guided Access, I can ensure that they stay on task by locking them into the app I want them to use. Moreover, the iPad is a tool they want to learn on and use. The iPad has nearly obviated the need (and the desire) to keep utilizing older materials, because the iPad is capable of helping our students grasp the necessary concepts in a modern, engaging way.

The whole piece is a superb and inspiring read. You can see it in Issue 9 (January 31) of The Magazine, or online here:  http://the-magazine.org/9/re-enabled.

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LTE Is Rapid & Rapidly Becoming a Favorite Feature on My iPad mini

LTE on iPad mini

I’ve had an iPhone with WiFi + Cellular capabilities since 2008, and several iPads with cellular over the years as well. My iPad 3 now has no regular data plan on it, since I’m much more likely to grab my iPad mini when I’m out and about and away from guaranteed home WiFi.

And I have to say now that cellular means LTE, it is becoming one of my favorite features on the iPad mini. 3G was always nice to have around for always-on connectivity, but I never found its speed anything to write home about. 4G and LTE is a completely different story – the speed is truly impressive. In fact, I find that in a number of public places LTE gives me much faster performance than the available free WiFi networks.

It’s becoming my habit to turn off WiFi and choose LTE as my first option a lot of the time now – though I should mention that I’m using the iPad mini for almost entirely work related activities when doing so. I’m checking and replying to email, keeping up with news feeds, browsing the web, testing apps and taking notes for reviews, working on and publishing blog posts, and so on. I am not watching videos or streaming music or anything similar – so my data usage is still pretty low and well within my monthly 3GB plan.

I’m fortunate that here in Austin 4G and LTE coverage for both AT&T and Verizon is superb – I can get it nearly everywhere within the city and it’s fast and reliable. My iPad 3 used an AT&T plan and my iPad mini is now using a Verizon plan and I’m very happy with it.

What’s your experience with the iPad and LTE been like? Have your results been as good as mine?

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How To Manage iCloud Storage & Backup on the iPad

iPad iCloud Settings

Want to know how big your iCloud backups are? Or how to manage iCloud storage and backup right on your iPad? This is easy to on the iPad.

Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app.

— Tap on the entry for iCloud in the sections listed in the left sidebar. You’ll see the iCloud screen shown above.

— Then tap on the Storage and Backup bar, just above the Delete Account bar at the bottom of the page.

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3 Years Ago Today Steve Jobs Unveiled a Giant iPod Touch


On January 27, 2010 Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPad. Here’s one of the ways he summed up the new device that stood out for me on that day:

Our most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.

The words ‘magical’ and ‘revolutionary’ in particular really stuck with me. I setup this site on that same day and launched it 2 days later. I knew that those two words were going to be awfully hard to live up to, especially when many people were quickly writing off the iPad as ‘just’ a giant iPod Touch – but I also thought it was the most exciting mobile device I’d ever seen and it was going to be lots of fun seeing whether it could live up to the hype.

And boy have these 3 years flown by. Last October Apple reported they had sold 100 million iPads – and that was before the release of the iPad 4th gen and the iPad mini.  This week they reported sales of 22.9 million iPads last quarter. The iPad is a huge consumer hit, has a massive presence in the enterprise, and has had great impact in the healthcare and education spaces as well.

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Learning with Lynda.com on iPad

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 19.25.53

Even if you have been following trends in online education only casually in recent years, you will have noted that the advent of the iPad (and rivals) has opened up many avenues towards new interactive and mobile learning methods. It is sometimes hard to believe that we once lived in a world where YoutubeKhan academy or TED Talks were unknowns or did not enjoy broad appeal. Coupled with the popularity of iPads and the beginning of the Tablet Age, we are now in the lucky situation of being able to find a video tutorial or range of online courses on a vast array of topics. With quick and easy access to these platforms, we can educate both ourselves and children using our mobile devices. Continue reading

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iPad : 4 Out of 5 Space Travellers Recommend It

Commander Chris Hadfield Twitter

Screenshot 1313 1147 AM

iPad: four out of five space travellers recommend it. :)

Never let it be said that the iPad doesn’t get around a bit – and not just on this planet. It’s good to see the iPad is getting put to use in space too, at least by one NASA astronaut.

As you can see in the above Twitter exchange, Commander Chris Hadfield, @Cmdr)_Hadfield, confirms that there are iPads onboard the International Space Station – and he’s been using one to record with GarageBand.

I spotted this at The Loop this morning and thought it was worth a share.

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An iPad Chistmas

Christmas Tablet Tweets

A pretty informal survey via @waxpancake on Twitter – but even so, those numbers are quite striking – especially for Microsoft.

Did any of you send a first tweet from a new tablet over the last 36 hours? If so, which tablet and which Twitter app did you use?

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ZAGG Giving Away 24 iPads in 24 Hours on Black Friday

ZAGG iPad Giveaway

ZAGG are going to be giving out free iPads all day on Black Friday. They’re giving away one free iPad 4 every hour starting at 12AM MST this Friday, November 23.

They did this last year too and if I remember right you can keep on entering for a chance to win every hour. I don’t normally cover iPad giveaways here, but this one from ZAGG is pretty special, so I thought I’d share it.

Check out the ZAGG promo page for the contest – you can enter your name and email address to get a reminder when the contest kicks off. There’s also a text number to use to get hourly reminders once the contest goes live.

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Cool Things: Baby’s iPad Love

Ha Love this Game

Well here’s more proof that there’s really no age barrier when it comes to the iPad. This baby seems pretty fascinated by the game she’s checking out. Kevin Whiting added a little set of photos of his granddaughter and her reactions to the iPad to our iPad Insight Flickr group this week.

The one shown above is titled Ha, ha I love this game.

Hit the break for a couple more fun shots from this set …

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