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iPad Hit by a Foul Ball, Shrugs It Off

Need any proof that the iPad’s made of pretty stern stuff? Well here ya go. It took a direct hit from a foul ball at a girls softball tournament in Iowa – and it appears it didn’t miss a beat.

I’m not sure it’s recommend by Apple to test this out in your local batting cage, but still, good to know.


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Retailers Offering Big iPad Discounts, Maybe We Will See a New Model This Month

Best Buy Discount iPads

Best Buy are offering heavy discounts on various iPad 3 models this week. As 9to5Mac reports, current deals at Best Buy offer up to 30% off standard retail prices.

One of the most enticing deals will let online shoppers get their hands on a 16GB Wi-Fi only model for just $314. A 32GB Wi-Fi only model is available for as low as $384 ($165 off retail).

Fortune Tech also has a piece up today, noting that deep price cuts this week at several retailers are also including the iPad mini and speculates that this is an indication that new models are coming soon:

On Wednesday, Wal-Mart (WMT), Best Buy (BBY) and MacMall initiated clearance sales, reducing their 3rd-generation iPad and current iPad mini prices roughly 30% across the board — a pretty good sign that Apple is about to replace the old models with new ones.

I would not be at all surprised to see a new iPad release as early as this month, as I’ve mentioned before when talking about the possible move to 6 month refresh cycles for the iPad. But I expect and hope that Apple will hold off releasing a new iPad mini until they can add a retina display to it – and all the latest leaks / rumors I’ve seen on that topic suggest that’s not likely to happen until towards the end of this year.

It would be great to see a new iPad that borrows a bit from the iPad mini though. If we are going to see that this month then we should see one of those lovely Apple event invites issued over the next week or two.

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3 Years Ago Today – the Original iPad Launch

My New iPad

Three years ago today, right around this time of the morning (9:10AM) I was paying for my first iPad on launch day for the original iPad.

I had launched iPad Insight just a couple days after Steve Jobs announced the iPad in January of 2010 – and I was about as eager as anyone to see it launched by the time April 3rd rolled around. I was outside my local Apple store at around 6:30AM and was very happy to be the 7th person in the reserved line (this was a launch where Apple let you pre-order and reserve to collect it at your local Apple store).

My iPad launch day experience was superb at the Apple store at Barton Creek Mall here in Austin – and my high expectations for the iPad were met and exceeded on that very first day of owning one.

How many of you bought the original iPad on launch day? What was your experience like that day?

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Apple’s New ‘Why You’ll Love iPad’ Page

iPad and iPad mini

Apple has got a new page up highlighting the many benefits of owning an iPad. The new ‘Why You’ll Love iPad’ page on Apple.com has a strong opening section:

When iPad was introduced, there was nothing quite like it. And there still isn’t. Today millions of people are using iPad and iPad mini to do just about anything you can imagine.

It then goes on to list a set of reasons why people love the iPad and some impressive numbers to show the love. These include:

— 81% of tablet web traffic comes from iPad

— 95% of Fortune 500 companies are piloting or deploying iPads

— 65% of US school districts are piloting or deploying iPads.

— iPad ranked highest in customer satisfaction among tablet owners

— Over 300,000 apps designed specifically for iPad

— Two great sizes – the iPad and iPad mini

— Outstanding battery life

— Ultrafast wireless and LTE connectivity

— Wealth of content available to download on the iPad – apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books

The last two items Apple highlights are perhaps the two areas where the company may be facing its biggest challenge right now: iOS and iCloud.

Overall, I think it’s quite a nice, concise introduction to the iPad and some of its best features. What do you all think of the new ‘Why You’ll Love iPad’ page?

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iPad mini Predicted to Outsell iPad this Year: Sounds Right

iPad min vs iPad

A post at the NPD DisplaySearch blog predicts that smaller tablets are set to take over in 2013, and that the iPad mini will far outsell the iPad.

The January panel shipment data may be an indicator for 2013, starting with Apple’s product mix shift. As we noted in December, Apple had planned to sell 40M iPad minis (7.9”) and 60M iPads (9.7”) in 2013. However, the reality seems to be the reverse, as the iPad mini has been more popular than the iPad. We now understand that Apple may be planning to sell 55M iPad minis (7.9”) and 33M iPads (9.7”) in 2013.

I don’t find this sort of prediction very surprising. Like many others, I was initially a bit skeptical about how compelling a device the iPad mini would be, especially once we learned it would not have a retina display. But within just a couple days of using one I was already wondering how much use my ‘big’ iPad would get. As it turns out, my usage pattern between the two of them is probably around 80-20 in favor of the iPad mini now.

For me, the wonderful lightness and form factor of the iPad mini more than compensate for the (current) lack of retina display. I know many others have found the same to be true – and they start realizing it within 5 minutes of picking up the iPad mini. And, as I said in my review of the iPad mini, when it gets a retina display it will be damn close to the perfect device.

What do you all think? Do you agree that the iPad mini will likely outsell the iPad by a wide margin this year?

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An Interesting Idea: Matching Up Your iPad and iPhone Home Screens

iPad and iPhone Home Screens

Here’s an interesting idea from a friend of mine and former writing colleague, Thomas Wong. Thomas has recently started his own site, called His Dork Materials. He posted an interesting piece yesterday titled IOS Across Two Devices – in which he describes his new approach to getting the most of each of his iDevices, as well as his MacBook Pro.

Here’s a little introduction to what he’s doing:

One mental trick I’ve come up with has been to blur the lines between my iPhone and iPad by arranging both sets of home screens the same way. This means the same folders, same apps, and same layouts. Basically, I’m trying to reduce the friction of switching between iOS devices by making them look a little more similar. Not all the apps are the same, mind you, but I’ve spent a few weeks experimenting with this new home screen layout, and I quite like it. I’ve chosen services and apps that sync nicely across the cloud …

I think this approach may make a lot of sense for anyone who is a power user of both an iPhone and an iPad. It’s not an idea that works well for me – but that’s only because my usage pattern is so heavily stacked in favor of the iPad. My iPhone is used almost exclusively as just a phone and camera these days – nearly everything else I do with a mobile device is done on my iPad.

I also differ from Thomas in that I no longer use a laptop. I used MacBook Pros for many years, but over the last few years my MBP very rarely left my home office. It was a desktop computer in everything but name – and the iPad was my portable computer. At the beginning of this year I bought a new iMac, confirming my iPad’s role as my mobile computer.

What do you all think of Thomas’ idea of arranging his iPad and iPhone screens the same way? Have you ever tried anything similar?

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‘Hollywood’ – Latest iPad TV Ad Aired During Academy Awards

Apple debuted their latest new TV ad for the iPad – ‘Hollywood’ – last night during the Academy Awards ceremony. This latest ad follows the new rapid-fire style of the ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’ iPad ads we saw released last week.

Hollywood features a fast scrolling set of keywords related to movies and highlights three of them with a selection of apps that show off the iPad’s ability to work with videos, images, and other things that go intio movie making: Lights, Camera, Action.

This is another typically stylish iPad ad, though I still don’t like this new series as much as the ‘old school’ iPad ads.

I also think that last night Samsung may have outdone Apple – this tablet ad starring Tim Burton is hilarious.

What do you all think? Loving the new iPad ads? What do you think of the Samsung ad?



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Two New iPad TV Ads: ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’

Apple has released tow new TV ads for the iPad over this past weekend. They’re called ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’ – and on YouTube both carry this strapline:

With over 300,000 apps, iPad is up for anything you are.

Both ads are quite different to all the previous iPad ads I’ve seen. They features a rapid-fire display of keywords on a plain white screen, and a focus in on 3 words per ad. Each of the highlighted words is accompanied by a series of sort of app action clips that represent the word. So, for instance, in the Together ad the word ‘wild’ is represented with an Oscar Wilde title being opened in iBooks and a dinosaur crashing against the glass of its enclosure in the Dinosaur Zoo app. The montage for the word ‘together’ finishes off with FaceTime.

It’s good to see the ads are still very much focused on great iPad apps, though I have to say I don’t like them quite as much as the previous, slower-paced, iPad TV ads. Maybe these will grow on me over time/

You can check out both the new ads at this Apple page. What do you all think of them? Do you like the change in style and tempo in these ads?


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No Office for iPad: Microsoft Leaving Billions on the Table?

Office on Surface

Image Source: gearlive.com

Fortune reports today on a Wall Street analyst’s premise that Microsoft is leaving billions of dollars on the table by not offering MS Office on the iPad. The analyst is Adam Holt at Morgan Stanley, and his figure for how much Microsoft may be missing out on is $2.5 billion.

His number is based partly on the fact that Microsoft Surface tablets have poor sales and very low market share thus far. He also argues that a much higher percentage of Mac users (30-40%) install paid versions of Office than their Windows PC counterparts – and then assumes a similar 30% install rate for around 200 million iPads.

Check out the Fortune article for all the details on how Holt does his figuring. I wouldn’t venture any sort of guess on the accuracy, or lack thereof, of his numbers – but I absolutely agree that Microsoft is losing out by not selling Office on the iPad.

I’ve said for a long while that Microsoft has much more to lose by keeping Office off the iPad than Apple does. Apple’s won iWork suite and other Office-compatible suites sell well and presumably far better for the absence of Office. iPad users have viable alternatives by now, but I know that lots of them would love to buy Office for iPad apps.

Isn’t Microsoft supposed to be a software company? I don’t see how continuing to deny the success of the iPad, or writing it off as a flash in the pan, benefits them. There’s a potentially massive market there for Office, and they just continue to ignore it. They might want to take a look at how Google operates despite being an Apple ‘rival’.

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Cool Things: iPad Finger-Painted Caricatures at Macworld/iWorld

Macworld iWorld Caricatures

What’s cooler than going to Macworld/iWorld and having a personal caricature done as a keepsake for the event? Having the caricature finger sketched on an iPad of course.

And that’s exactly what was on offer at this year’s event – courtesy of Zach Trenholm. Trenholm worked as a celebrity caricaturist for the press for many years and now specializes in sketching live at special events. How great must that be to have that kind of talent and have that as your day job.

Hit the break to check out a couple of these impressive caricatures and the people who sat for them …

Continue reading

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Recommended: Steven Aquino on iPad and iOS’ Impact on Those with Impairments

iPad in Use with Special Needs Children

The Magazine has become one of my favorite regular reads on the iPad. I’ve read a number of great pieces on a wide range of topics in it over recent months. This week one particular article in Issue 9 drew me in and ended up being great read and a great feel-good piece as well.

The article is titled Re-Enabled – iOS’s impact on those with impairments isn’t just a marketing slide; it’s profound, and was written by Steven Aquino.

The marketing slide reference is to a brief moment during last year’s WWDC keynote event where Soctt Forstall highlighted the new Guided Access feature of iOS and showed a slide of a autistic boy using an iPad (shown above). Here’s why Aquino is uniquely qualified to write about how this works in the real world:

That scenario plays out for me every day. I work with special-needs children, and I also have a severe visual impairment.

And here’s a little excerpt that shows just how effective the iPad and iOS are proving with Aquino and the kids he works with:

You might suspect that the iPad’s whiz-bang interaction would distract our kids. But we’ve found that it keeps our students attentive and engaged far better and longer than any of our conventional tools. And with Guided Access, I can ensure that they stay on task by locking them into the app I want them to use. Moreover, the iPad is a tool they want to learn on and use. The iPad has nearly obviated the need (and the desire) to keep utilizing older materials, because the iPad is capable of helping our students grasp the necessary concepts in a modern, engaging way.

The whole piece is a superb and inspiring read. You can see it in Issue 9 (January 31) of The Magazine, or online here:  http://the-magazine.org/9/re-enabled.

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