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Using Manage to Get Things Done on iPad

Since I aim to integrate the iPad into my workflow more and more, I recently shopped around for an app that would replace the 1000 post-its that accumulated on my desk during my work day. Surely there was an app for that, I thought to myself. Problem was there are many.

Apps to aid us in our productivity are a dime a dozen on the App Store. Hence, Get Stuff Done even has its own Quick Link featuring a comprehensive sub-section of apps ranging in price, possibility and power, all promising to promote our productive side.

Only a few have a try-me-and-you’ll-like-me lite version. And there was no way I was going to pay for a bunch of apps before knowing which one suited me best. After a bit a research, I decided on Manage for the iPad for my Getting Things Done solution. Here’s why…

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Review: Pad & Quill “The Case, Vol. 2” for iPad

Pad & Quill has released a new bonded leather portfolio case, The Case Vol. 2 ($59.99) for the iPad, and for anyone looking for a case that protects their iPad and offers a more traditional book-like appearance for their high-tech gadget, then this case is definitely worth a look.

Keep reading for my review and more pictures of The Case Vol. 2 from Pad & Quill!

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The “I“ in iPad

(Image: Mirror on the go HD iTunes link)

The first thing you see when you take the iPad out of its beautiful white box, is a reflection of your own visage. You see yourself, as reflected by the iPad’s display. Those with iPads can imagine why this amuses me to no end. It answers the question people often ask me: why do you need an iPad?

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The BookGem- A Versatile, Lightweight, and Inexpensive Stand for the iPad

I am a notorious stickler when it comes to accessories for my beloved gadgets. I demand utility and versatility worthy of whatever price I am paying. After a few years of owning the various versions of the iPhone, I have developed a pretty strong feel for what I need and what I like as far as cases, chargers, car cradles, and the like go. However, when I got my iPad, I found myself on new and unsteady ground again. There are just so many cases, screen protectors, stands, and combinations of the three, that it is very easy to get lost in all of the reviews and ads. I was pretty lucky, as I ended up very happy with all but one of my purchases, and thankfully that one was fairly inexpensive. Here is a list of what I got:

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NewsRack vs Pulse News Reader: 2 RSS apps for iPad

You won’t believe me, but I swear that I bought Pulse, an app that displays RSS feeds in a horizontal/vertical graphic navigation, completely by accident.

No, it’s never happened before. I was innocently browsing around the iPad RSS reader apps in the store when, before I knew it, my finger had already clicked and clicked and I saw the familiar “purchasing…” message in iTunes. Hmm. Now that I had it, I might as well check it out. I then proceeded to purchase NewsRack, because of good reviews I’d read about it. Now was my chance to see how which app would feed my feed addiction (get it?) in a better way. The result is quite surprising. Continue reading

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I got an iPad. Now what? First thoughts.

Image adapted from original at: http://webmaster.senecac.on.ca

“Beautiful!” I thought to myself as I started slowly and deliberately opening the iPad box when I finally got home from work. Twasn’t easy distracting myself all day knowing that my shiny new toy was waiting for me at home. But finally! Here we are. Seems smaller in real life. Smooth. Solid.

OK let’s get this party started. Not much inside the box. Sigh! It used to be such an experience just opening the box to a new Apple product. Much less wow now. No real goodies. Thank God for the charger – I do keep on losing those. I’d love one of those black microfaser slip cases they used to ship with the iPod. If I touch it will it smudge? I’ll take that as a yes. But you make me want to touch you, dontcha. Can’t-re-sist-touch-ing-you.

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iPad selling fast in Austria on launch weekend

The iPad was launched in 9 additional countries on Friday 23 July. In Austria, the iPad is available at certified resellers as well as electronic stores carrying Apple products, including Media Markt, Saturn, McShark, to name just a few. As to be expected, there were crowds and lines on the first 2 days. Continue reading

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Groovemaker for iPad released

GrooveMaker® -the mobile loop remixing app by IK Multimedia- has just been released for the iPad, following up on the version for iPhone and iPod touch available since last year. Continue reading

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Get Notified When The iPad Is Available To Order

iPad notify me

Everyone who wants to get their hands on the upcoming new iPad from Apple has got to wait 60 days (from the day of the launch event – January 27th).  If you’d like to get an email notification when the iPad is available to be ordered, here’s where to go:


You just fill in your name and email address and you’re set. 

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Welcome – Let’s Talk About the iPad


Image Source: gdgt.com

Hola, welcome to Just Another iPad Blog. Hopefully you’re here because you’re interested in Apple’s new iPad device.  I know I am.

Here we’ll cover the iPad itself, news about it, and accessories for it – but most of all we’ll focus on iPad apps and the ways that we find to use this fascinating new device.

I hope you’ll find our coverage interesting and visit often, and share your thoughts and ideas as you get to know the iPad.

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