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Deals: Layze Phone Holder

There is no shortage of stands that work with the iPhone, but flexibility of positioning  isn’t a feature that you often find. Most simply hold your phone in one orientation at between one to five different angles. Most are also only designed to be used on a flat, stationary surface. The Layzee Phone Holder from RAWtronics breaks this mold, allowing almost limitless positioning options and the ability to anchor to all kinds of different surfaces. Continue reading

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Review: 360 Gripstand by Lynktec

Like so many smartphone and tablet accessory categories, stands have become exceedingly commoditized. If you don’t know what I mean, I dare you to search for “iPad Stand” on eBay or Amazon and see how long you can stand browsing the never ending list. Half of what you will find there probably comes out of no more than 5 factories in East Asia.

For all the difficulty in finding a good device stand that is versatile and stands out from the crowd, it’s an accessory we all find ourselves in need of at one time or another. I’ve had several over the years, but they all had flaws. They didn’t last. They would only work for certain devices, or in certain use conditions. Frankly, I had never owned one that I was really all that happy with. That changed when I got Lynktec’s 360 Gripstand.

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