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iTunes Idea – Can We Have Favorites Sync for Apps?


Just a quick, random iTunes-related idea here. I was thinking a bit this morning about getting the new iPad 2, and the fact that I don’t like the idea of using a backup of my current iPad restored onto a brand new iPad 2. I’d rather start fresh with a fresh new device.

Most of the setup routine for a new iPad is not too bad or too time-consuming – especially as I rely heavily on apps like Dropbox and Office2 HD for documents / data sync, and use Google Sync for contacts and calendar sync.

One of the few really painful areas is the syncing of apps to a new device – because I have near 200 installed on my iPad right now, and scores of others that are no currently installed but have not been deleted either. Of course, arranging these on home screens is a nightmare in itself, only slightly less painful in iTunes on the desktop than it is on the iPad itself.

Also painful is the process of choosing which apps to sync within iTunes. The only choices available to us are to sync all apps – which usually includes a whole bunch you no longer want on your iPad – or to select them one by one with their little checkboxes (as shown above).

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iTunes 9.1 Update Adds iPad Sync, ebooks Syncing


Apple released iTunes Version 9.1 yesterday.  The update adds two major items if you’re a soon-to-be iPad owner:

  • Sync with iPad
  • Sync for ebooks – those added via iBooks as well as those you manually add to your iTunes library

Have you updated yet?

Image Source: iPad in Canada – because I forgot to grab a screenie when I updated :)

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Free ePub eBooks Can Be Synced to iPad – Steve Jobs Says So


As expected, it has been confirmed by Steve himself that free ePub ebooks can be synced to the iPad via iTunes.

Apparently Steve Jobs is continuing to reply to user questions on all things iPhone and iPad – this time even firing off a reply from his iPad.  This one was in reply to a question about whether we’ll be able to load free ePub format ebooks onto the iPad via iTunes. 

This is great news if you’re a fan of grabbing up classics from sources like the superb Project Gutenberg.  Another reason to look forward to seeing the iBooks app in action.

Via: Gizmodo

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