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2 More Great Jailbreak Tweaks for iPad: BeeKeyboard & Zephyr

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I’ve posted here before about my experience with jailbreaking my iPad mini – how stable it has been, but also how unexciting it was.

I haven’t given up on the jailbreak yet though and I’m constantly looking for more useful tweaks to improve the experience. This morning I read a great post from Jeff Benjamin at iDownloadblog, where he recommends 15 jailbreak tweaks for the iPad. I haven’t tried all of them and not all of them are interesting to me – but I did install two of these today that I really like. They are:

BeeKeyboard: This tweak’s purpose is to enhance your Bluetooth keyboard when working with the iPad – and oh boy does it do a great job. It lets you use keyboard combinations very much like you can on a Mac – to switch between apps, to switch between app icons on home screens, to move back and forth between home screens, to pull down and hide Notification Center, and plenty more.

I’ve always found working with Bluetooth keyboards a little awkward because of the need to switch between using the keyboard and tapping the screen for a lot of the actions mentioned above. BeeKeyboard gets rid of that problem and makes using a BT keyboard far more effective.

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