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Kindle Fire Gets Ripped by Conan, Marco, and Daring Fireball


It’s been a bit of a rough week for the Kindle Fire. For starters, Conan and TeamCoco did a spoof apology for some of the Fire’s known issues – that doesn’t end too well for the device. 

John Gruber pointed out at Daring Fireball that …

Any request for Google’s Android Market — even in the web browser — is redirected to the Amazon Appstore on the Kindle Fire. More proof that Android is open and Apple is too controlling.

That’s pretty nasty as a general practice, and even more so considering this is an Android tablet – you know the ‘open’ platform.

Best of all though is the Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 comparison table done by Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper …

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The TouchPad, the Kindle Fire, And If There Was Any Justice …


A quick thought on the current state of play among ‘iPad rival’ tablets: if there were any justice in the world the HP TouchPad would be getting some heavy holiday buzz and talked about as a serious competitor for the iPad, and the Kindle Fire would be the nearly dead-on-arrival, discontinued tablet.

I’ve been trying out a TouchPad for several weeks now and a Kindle Fire for a little under a week. And it seems crazy to me that the Fire is the device that’s hot and buzz-worthy and considered a serious iPad rival (which is just plain silly) while the TouchPad was discontinued by HP when it had just barely hit the market.

I was messing around with both tablets again last night and I just couldn’t get that out of my head. The one tablet that was quite nice to use and feels to me like the next best choice to an iPad is the one with no future apparently; and the one that is hugely disappointing and far from a pleasure to use is the one touted as a big holiday hit.

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Is the Kindle Fire Going to Heat Up iPad Competition for the Holidays?


Amazon’s  Kindle Fire tablet has been released this week and is drawing a lot of attention and buzz. It’s got mixed reviews, but also a general consensus that it’s going to sell well – perhaps even well enough to put a dent in iPad sales momentum this holiday season.

A recent consumer survey by Retrevo shows that more tablet owners and overall respondents are looking to buy a Kindle Fire this holiday season than those planning to buy an iPad, as shown in the graphic above.

Retrevo Asked: Are you planning on buying a tablet this holiday season?
– 20% of tablet owners said yes, an iPad
– 10% of non-tablet all respondents said yes, an iPad
– 27% of tablet owners said yes, the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet
– 12% of all respondents said, yes, the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

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Amazon Unveils their New Tablet – the Kindle Fire


Amazon has unveiled their much-awaited new tablet device today – the Kindle Fire.

It’s definitely an interesting device, with an attractive price point of $199. As many of us expected it looks like the first real iPad rival in terms of the ecosystem that it offers in terms of movies, books, music, cloud storage and the powerful and popular Amazon brand.

It looks even more like a device that is going to be a major player at the low end of the tablet market and that will be a stronger rival for other Android devices than for the iPad. It has many places where it clearly makes no attempt to compete with the iPad. For instance, it is WiFi only, a 7 inch tablet, and offers only 8GB of internal storage.

This one, as expected, is an exciting new entry in the tablet market. It’s available for pre-order now, and expected to ship on November 15th.

Take a look at the Kindle Fire product page and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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