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CNN Report on iPad & Kindle = It’s Gotta Suck to be Amazon


Some top level bullets from this CNN report on the iPad and Kindle:

  • iPad pricing model is continuing to put pressure on Amazon with publishers
  • Consumer survey shows iPad already has as high an awareness level as Kindle, even before being released
  • Same survey shows the iPad scores higher than Kindle on people’s purchase interest

It has to be great to be part of the Kindle team these days.

Via: 9to5Mac

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Countdown to iPad – Living GuideBook (Use Case 24)

iPad: Takes you where the red fern grows
iPad: Takes you where the red fern grows

You were going to buy a Kindle, but that geek husband of yours surprised you with an iPad. You love the color pictures and video, but it wasn’t till today’s hike that you really understood the value of his gift. Not only were you able to read about the lake trail, but iPad’s GPS got you right to the trail head. Having downloaded “Living Trail Guide,” then checking the weather and time of sunset, you knew it would be good hike and you’d be back by dark. All this and your husband never had to stop for directions! You couldn’t have done this with a Kindle – he may never let you live it down.

iPad – It’s alive!

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