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With iPad 2 the real question was not what but when

(image via arstechnica.com)

One of the questions in Apple’s iPad 2 Event Story none of the pundits or observers could correctly gauge was when. When would Apple ship the new iPads, within the US and to the rest of the world?

Americans always have it particularly good with Apple launches. They always get things first. The rest of the world (us in the chopped liver category) always gets seconds. Sometimes the wait is long and nerve-wracking. Take last year. iPad 1 shipped in the US on 3rd (wifi) and 30th April 2010 (wifi+3G). A second wave (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK) got lucky on May 28th. Continue reading

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iPad selling fast in Austria on launch weekend

The iPad was launched in 9 additional countries on Friday 23 July. In Austria, the iPad is available at certified resellers as well as electronic stores carrying Apple products, including Media Markt, Saturn, McShark, to name just a few. As to be expected, there were crowds and lines on the first 2 days. Continue reading

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