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Samsung and the iPhone Edition Price- A Different Take

I came close to writing what would have been a “me too” article yesterday on the report by KGI covering Samsung’s dominance of the OLED display market and the resulting higher iPhone display prices. I even started typing before I ultimately decided to delete it. There’s nothing wrong with being one of many to report on the same news, and anytime KGI and/or Ming Chi-Quo have something to say, it is definitely notable Apple news.

The issue I had wasn’t with the “me too” part. It was with the natural assumption that the iPhone Edition’s price is Samsung’s “fault.” I even put that in my original headline at first, before backtracking and thinking about it. Then, after thinking a little more, I just backed away from the keyboard for the night. While it seemed natural to blame Samsung for the Edition’s price increase, based on what I believe about politics and economics, I don’t actually believe it’s true. And I STILL almost fell for buying into it.

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