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Review: LIFE for iPad

LIFE for iPad

LIFE for iPad is an app that brings the famously superb photography of Life Magazine to your iPad. Here’s a little slice of its App Store Intro:

LIFE on iPad is a spectacular experience: LIFE’s legendary photo collection at a never-before-seen resolution. Download the free app to explore LIFE’s vast archives, up-to-the-minute news photos, and special features not available anywhere else.

I’ve had the app for around a week now and spent a lot of time with it, both on my own and with my daughter. The short story here is that this is an excellent and beautiful app. For a few more thoughts on it, and lots more of its stellar content, hit the break …

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iPad Apps that Kept My Second-Grader Entertained While Home Sick from School


My daughter is 7.5 years old and in second grade this year. She’ was home sick for the first four days of this week – with something viral and nasty that has thankfully now passed. She did a lot of resting and a lot of daytime TV watching during her days off – and grew bored of both after a couple of days.

Together we found a number of good iPad apps – mostly stories and books – to keep her and I entertained during the last couple of afternoons. Just in case any of you have not-so-little ones with time on their hands and a thirst for iPad entertainment, I thought I’d share some of the great apps we found and enjoyed this week. Hit the jump for just a very quick rundown of these …

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