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Location Services on your iPad; what you need to know

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When it comes to electronic devices, especially mobile phones, the big big buzz word these day is privacy.  Makes sense, it’s a big deal.  Almost as important as privacy is how you mange your privacy settings.  Personalizing settings to fit your lifestyle and needs can be cumbersome and consuming.  If users are confused or overwhelmed they are much less likely to reap the benefits of being able to keep their information safe and private.  When privacy is sacrificed at the hands of convenience bad things can happen to good people.

One of  the more configureable settings on your iPad that can impact your privacy is Location Services.  Location based services are a hot topic because they can be very helpful in predicting our needs and preparing us for upcoming events.  However they can also become intrusive if given too much access–it just depends on what your expectations are and how informed you are from the beginning.  To make it easier, let’s walk through his to configure Location Services your iPad.

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