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Review: London – A City Through Time for iPad

London a City Through Time iPad app

London has been one of the world’s great cities for centuries. London – A City Through Time is an iPad app that celebrates the city and presents its rich history and culture. I’ve been trying to come up with a solid second sentence here that does this great app justice, but instead I’ll share the words of no less an authority than The Economist, the blue-chip publication published out of London:

“London: A City Through Time” is neither coffee-table book nor guide nor map, but a nearly endless fusion of all three in a digital application, or “app”—nearly 2,000 years in the life of one of the world’s great cities.  Even diehard Londoners are destined to discover something new.


The app is touted as ‘Probably the most advanced and complete portrait of London ever produced’ and who’s going to argue with numbers like these:

… it offers an indispensable reference to the 2000-year history of the world’s most complex city. It boasts over 6000 articles on the capital’s museums, statues, buildings, streets, trades, people, parks, rivers and more. Over 2000 rare prints and photographs. Thirty-five video documentaries and clips from the archives of the Pathé movie library.

I works in landscape mode only, but that makes perfect sense given the layout and workings of the app. There’s a rotating set of superb images taking up about 70% of its main screen. A series of panels along the bottom of the app’s screens lead to the main ways to explore it – Timeline, Browse on Map, Life in London, My London, Audio Tours, History on the Tube, Audio Visual History, browse by subject, Notable Londoners, App Credits and Error Reporting.

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