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Apple Slices: New Devices Coming into Clearer Focus

As all Apple fans know by now, someone at Apple dropped the ball. An early firmware for the HomePod leaked after being uploaded to an Apple software server, and it has shed light on all kinds of things. Beyond some details on its namesake, we now have what looks to be confirmation of the shape and basic design of the iPhone 8, news LTE on an upcoming Apple Watch, and even details about an upgrade to the Apple TV. And this is only a small part of the news for the last week or so, so let’s dive right in.

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LTE Earning Its Keep on My iPad Today

My ancient Kia Spectra is in need of some attention today. It needs a couple new tires and I’ve been out getting that taken care for most of the morning so far.

I knew that I might be sitting and waiting a fair bit this morning, so I brought my iPad along so I could get some work done while waiting. Both places I’ve been today have got free WiFi, but they’ve also both been pretty busy and the WiFi speeds were not impressive.

Luckily AT&T’s LTE coverage in my neck of the woods in Austin is superb. It’s just about always available and always blazing fast. So I’m getting plenty done while waiting on my car.

Good job new iPad and LTE.

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