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Magic Keyboard Side

Magic Keyboard Battery Drain- Is Software to Blame?

Magic Keyboard Side

I’ve written pretty extensively about my battery life issues with Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro at this point, both here and here. I started noticing issues within the first week of owning and writing about the keyboard case, but things got worse as time went on and I used it more, so I started paying closer attention and then specifically trying to test and isolate the cause of the problem.

In my case, the cause was related to my first Magic Keyboard’s hardware. I say that confidently now because my battery performance using a second Magic Keyboard has been far better. As I said in the previous article covering my testing, I don’t think the problem I experienced is widespread. I also know that such issues often occur during the first run of a new hardware product. Apple is taking good care of other users I’ve heard from who have also experienced hardware problems and I feel confident they will work the early kinks out of production and prevent this in the future.

However, there is another more common issue causing iPad Pro batteries to drain while using a Magic Keyboard. I haven’t covered this before because it wasn’t the source of the problems that I saw, but many Magic Keyboard users are finding that the backlight is staying on when the keyboard isn’t in use. In some cases, even when the case is closed. I have read a few reports of this over the last two weeks, but I would like to thank Federico Viticci (@viticci) for pointing out his experience with this on Twitter yesterday.

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