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MC Nano – New, Smaller MicroFiber Cloth with Big iPad Screen Cleaning Powers


So … until late last year I was blissfully unaware of how exciting a microfiber cleaning cloth can be. I thought they were all much of a muchness – as in, not a whole bunch of difference between one and another. Then I got a chance to try out Mobile Cloth, and I discovered that it’s far easier to use and far more effective than any others, and I was excited about a screen cleaning cloth.

Ever since then, Mobile Cloth has been one of my least glamorous but most favorite iPad accessories. Now I’ve got a new favorite – Mobile Cloth’s cool new little brother, the MC Nano, which I’ve been trying out this week leading up to its public release. It’s right around 1/4 the size of the original Mobile Cloth, but is still just as effective.

It still gets the iPad screen clean with just a few quick wipes and with minimal effort – and the Nano is small enough to be a much more portable solution. This is one you can easily tuck into an iPad case pocket or your own pocket to have it around for on-the-go screen touchups.

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How Excited Are You Allowed to Be About Microfiber Cleaning Cloths?

Mobile Cloth for iPhone and iPad

I’m hoping the answer is that you’re allowed to be very excited about a really good one – because I’ve found a really good one and I am very excited about it.

When the folks from Mobile Cloth approached me touting their microfiber cloth as being a cut above the rest and asking if I’d like to see a ‘review unit’ I was as skeptical and unexcited as the next guy. I mean seriously, a cleaning cloth is a cleaning cloth right? I ended up saying yes, go ahead and send me a sample – but as always, with no promise of any coverage and in this case feeling like no coverage was very likely going to be the outcome.

Well, color me pleasantly surprised, and well impressed with a cleaning cloth for the iPads and iPhones in our house.

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