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Padintosh Case for iPad: First Impressions

I posted last week about the Padintosh Case for iPad, and how striking looking it was. I ordered one very shortly after seeing it at ThinkGeek, and it arrived a little earlier today.

I’ve only given it a very quick tryout so far, but I’ve already learned one important thing at it, and have some quick first impressions to share. The one big thing I’ve learned is that this case is not fully compatible with the ultra-thin Gelaskin that I use in the back cover of my new (2012) iPad. It very nearly fits, but not quite. I can get the iPad into 3 of the 4 corner slots of the case by not into the final one, no matter which way I try to insert it.

Other than that one drawback, I’m quite impressed with the Padintosh iPad case. The cutouts are among the cleanest and most precise I’ve ever seen on a back cover case like this. The case feels solid and should offer good protection to the back of the iPad. It works nicely with the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad too.


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Cool Things: The Most Versatile Stand for iPad 3


I’ve admitted here several times in the past that I’m a big fan of iPad stands. I’ve used a number of them and have several favorites that I’ve kept hold of. I have to say though, this HumanToolz Mobile Stand for iPad 3 looks superb, and like it could easily become my new favorite.

Right now it’s a Kickstarter project and one that I think deserves to get funded. I’m impressed with a number of things about it, including:

— How genuinely mobile and versatile it is. The range of angles and positions you can use it in looks very impressive.

— How well it works in tandem with the iPad Smart Cover.

— I’m no hinge technology expert, but if it’s the same tech used in the MacBook Air that’s impressive too.

— It’s lighter than the smart cover.

— The company behind it is based here in Texas.

Check out the intro video above and then take a look at the HumanToolz Stand Kickstarter project page.

I’m a backer and I’m really looking forward to seeing this stand in action with my iPad 3. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you decided to back the project.

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Review: SPIGEN Folio S Case for the New iPad

SPIGEN Folio for iPad

The SPIGEN Folio S Case for the new iPad is the second SPIGEN case I’ve used. Last month I did a review of the SPIGEN SGP Sleeve for the new iPad and I was very impressed with it. Now I’ve also spent some time using the Folio S case for the new iPad and the short story is that I’m quite impressed again.


SPIGEN describes the Folio S like so:

The SPIGEN Folio.S Case is a finely hand-crafted folio style case, made of high-quality genuine leather. Case features very slim yet sturdy protection for the new iPad.

As the name suggests, it’s a folio style case that offers protection for the front, back, and sides of the new iPad. Like nearly all folio cases it doubles as a stand and offers stand angles for viewing and typing.

The case comes in brown or dark brown and is priced at $91.99. My review unit – shown above and throughout this post – is the brown model.

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HoverBar, Meet the New iPad 3

HoverBar for new iPad 3

The HoverBar is Twelve South’s excellent adjustable arm holder for the iPad. I did a review of the HoverBar back in February and was hugely impressed with it. This is part of what I had to say about it in the review:

It’s easy to use, does what it says on the box and a whole lot more, and is already a very fine companion for my iPad 2. I had high expectations for it – and I’m happy to say they’ve been met and exceeded.

It quickly became a favorite iPad accessory for me, and then I upgraded to the new iPad 3– and the HoverBar was not compatible with it. Shortly after the release of the new iPad Twelve South announced that they would be producing an updated HoverBar for iPad as well as a replacement clip for owners of the original HoverBar. Just a few months after the new iPad launch Twelve South have kept those promises.

There’s a new HoverBar that’s compatible with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad – available at Twelve South now for $79.99 – and a HoverBar clip for iPad 2 / new iPad available for $19.99.

I got my replacement clip today and, as you can see above, it’s back in action on my desk already.

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Review: Apple iPad Smart Case

iPad Smart Case Dark Grey

One of the quieter new product releases this week from Apple is the new iPad Smart Case. It’s a sort of extension of the iPad Smart Cover – offering protection for the front, back and sides of the iPad.

It was released on Monday afternoon and I picked one up at my local Apple Store first thing Tuesday morning.


The new iPad Smart Case is made of polyurethane and comes in a range of six colors – light gray, dark gray, blue, green, pink, and red.

The case’s interior is a soft, color-matched microfiber lining that should help a little in keeping the iPad screen clean.

It’s priced at $49, is compatible with the iPad 2 and new iPad 3, and can be personalized with laser engraving for free.

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Apple Releases New iPad Smart Case – Smart Cover Plus Back Protection

iPad Smart Case 2

Here’s a lovely little fella that didn’t manage to get a mention at Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote event yesterday. It’s the brand new iPad Smart Case, released yesterday by Apple with little or no fanfare.

It builds on the existing Apple iPad Smart Cover and adds some features that many users have been looking for and using other 3rd party cases for. Here are some of its main features:

— Automatic Sleep/Wake Feature – just like the smart cover, the iPad Smart Case automatically sleeps and wakes the iPad.

— Full coverage. Now the back and sides of the iPad are protected as well.

— Like Apple’s case for the original iPad, this one serves as a stand too – in viewing and typing positions.

It comes in a range of six colors and I polyurethane only (no leather version like the smart cover) – and is priced at $49. You can see details and place an order at Apple’s online store page for the iPad Smart Case or look for one in your  local Apple store.

I picked one up at an Apple Store this morning and I’ll post some first impressions on it very soon.

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Brydge Kickstarter Project – Keyboard Case Makes Your iPad Look Just Like a MacBook Air


Brydge is yet another superb looking iPad-related Kickstarter project. It’s an iPad keyboard case that turns your iPad into something that looks a whole lot like a MacBook Air. The project creators reckon it transforms your iPad into a laptop worthy of Apple.

Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, with optional stereo speakers, Brydge connects to your iPad using a patent-pending hinge. This click-in hinge allows for close to 180 degrees of iPad positioning and holds your iPad secure.

The keyboard is said to be full-sized and looks great in their promo video.

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New Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the New iPad and iPad 2 Looks Great

How cool does the new Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the new 2012 iPad and iPad 2 look? My answer would be very cool indeed. Here’s what’s to like about it:

— It’s a Smart cover alternative that packs a good looking Bluetooth wireless keyboard to pair up with your iPad 2 or new iPad. It attaches automatically like the Apple Smart Cover and supports the iPad’s automatic sleep/wake feature.

— It’s made of ‘ultrathin’ aluminum.

— It looks like the most slimline keyboard case combo I’ve seen yet for the iPad.

These go for $99.99 and are available for pre-order from Logitech now (shipping is expected within 2-4 weeks according to their Consumer Sales office). I just ordered one – and I’ll be sure to share some thoughts on it once I get it and try it out.

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Marware’s Lineup of Cases for the new iPad Now Available

CEO Hybrid for New iPad

Marware have got a lineup of cases for the new iPad available to order now, including their popular C.E.O. Hybrid case. I did a review of the C.E.O. Hybrid for the iPad 2 last year, and it’s a very good, versatile iPad case.

Here are the brief descriptions for the new lineup of Marware cases for the 2012 iPad:

— The C.E.O Hybrid: A low-profile case for the new iPad with an automatic sleep/wake lid, adjustable stand and hand strap.

— MicroShell Case for the new iPad: A sleek, ultra-thin polycarbonate shell case for the new iPad that is compatible with the Apple Smart Cover.

— EcoVue Case for the new iPad: An eco-leather case for the new iPad that stands in two angles and features a sleep/wake lid.

— MicroShell Folio Case for the new iPad: An ultra-thin case for the new iPad featuring a hard back shell fused to an automatic sleep/wake lid that stands.

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Twelve South Products & the New iPad

Twelve South and the new iPad

Twelve South, makers of some excellent accessories for iPad and Mac, have sent out an email with their New iPad Product Compatibility Report. The report offers a full rundown of which of their products will work with the new iPad (the vast majority) and which require an update.

Here’s the quick summary:

What works now with the New iPad.
• BookBook for iPad
• PlugBug
• BookArc for iPad
• Compass
What needs updating for the New iPad.
• HoverBar

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Testing a Few iPad 2 Accessories with the New iPad

New iPad in Encore Stand

While I’ve been on the lookout for new cases and other interesting accessories for the new iPad, I’ve also been testing out whether any of my iPad 2 (and older) accessories may still work with the 2012 iPad.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve found, with the obvious disclaimer that I’m not certifying that any of these products are definitely or officially compatible with the new iPad, for that you’ll need to check details with each manufacturer. 

Flowfold iPad Sleeve: This is my favorite iPad 2 sleeve and a very eco-friendly one made here in the USA. The new iPad fits great into this one, even with the Apple Smart Cover on.

Portenzo Compostion case: Another very cool iPad case, styled to look just like an old school composition book. The new fits well in this one.

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