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New iPad Ship Times Faster Again and In-Store Pickup Is Back

New iPad In Store pickup

Things are looking up if you’re looking to buy a new iPad online. Shipping times for all models at the Apple online store are down to 1-2 weeks (from 2-3 weeks just a few days ago), and the option to pickup at a local Apple store is active again.

You can use a store locator to find your closest local store and arrange to have your new iPad delivered there. This would’ve been a whole lot more handy to have available when pre-orders first started, but it’s still good to see now.

With shipping times coming down and Apple’s announcement on Monday that they had sales of 3 million new iPads in its first three days on the market, it seems pretty clear that all those rumors of early, ramped-up production for the 2012 iPad are proving accurate.

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New iPad Ship Dates Out to 2-3 Weeks Now

New iPad Ship Times

If you look to order a new iPad at Apple’s online store today, you’ll see that delivery times are now out to 2-3 weeks. We already knew pre-orders stock had sold out in around two days, and now shipping times are slipping rapidly as well.

So it looks like either the demand for the new iPad really is (way) off the charts, as Apple has said, or all those stories of ramped-up production for the new iPad were off base – or perhaps a combination of the two.

In any case, if you want a new iPad anywhere near launch day, you’re now going to have to think about lining up or searching out a retailer that may have some in stock after the first few days of lines.

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