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The New iPad and Heating Up = Non-issue

New iPad Heating Issue

It looks like all the fuss last week about the new iPad and possible issues with ‘heating up’ were, as expected, has turned out to be all about a non-issue. This became an issue when some users reported the new iPad getting hot with extended use when doing CPU-intensive things on the device, and when Consumer Reports reported on similar findings.

This subject was put in better context today with a couple of new testing reports that had the new iPad not even showing as the hottest of a number of tablet devices tested.

Wired published results of its testing of tablets and how warm/hot they get – and found that the new iPad ‘landed square in the middle’. As you can see in the Wired graphic above, the Asus Transformer Prime, the Blackberry PlayBook, and the popular Kindle Fire all tested higher than the new iPad.

Not only was the new iPad merely tepid in terms of heat generation, it was also one of the cooler-running tablets in our test.

I felt like this was much ado about nothing from the outset. Even the highest temperatures reported for the iPad by Consumer Reports were within the operating limits for the device,and early reviewers mentioned the iPad getting warm rather than hot. In my ten days with the iPad I’ve never even noticed it getting particularly warm. My MacBook Pro gets substantially warmer than my new iPad ever has.

For those of you who have got the new iPad, what do you think? Has you seen your new iPad getting very warm or hot?

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Some Thoughts on the New 2012 iPad

New iPad Home Screen

I’ve spent a little over a week with the new 2012 iPad now. I’m calling it that at the outset (and will shorten it to just new iPad from here on) just so years from now when there are newer new iPads, we’ll be (somewhat) clear on which one is being talked about here. 

I bought the 64GB WiFi + 4G (AT&T) model in black – lined up for it at my local Apple Store in the wee hours of the morning on launch day and was back at my house by 9 in the morning. Needless to say, I’ve been giving it a heck of a lot of use and by now I have a few thoughts to share on this latest generation of the iPad.

iPad Setup

It was cool to see the largely PC-free nature of setup on the new iPad, the first one to come out since iOS 5 was launched with its support for OTA (over the air) software updates, iCloud, and wireless iTunes sync. I would love to say that once I opened up the new iPad I just used iCloud to restore my apps and settings (from the iPad 2) wirelessly – but with over 31GB of apps on the iPad 2 that just didn’t seem viable over WiFi.

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Twelve South Products & the New iPad

Twelve South and the new iPad

Twelve South, makers of some excellent accessories for iPad and Mac, have sent out an email with their New iPad Product Compatibility Report. The report offers a full rundown of which of their products will work with the new iPad (the vast majority) and which require an update.

Here’s the quick summary:

What works now with the New iPad.
• BookBook for iPad
• PlugBug
• BookArc for iPad
• Compass
What needs updating for the New iPad.
• HoverBar

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New iPad Status Update – Gonzoed

New iPad Gonzoed

I’ve written before here about how the Apple Smart Cover and an ultra-thin Gelaskin were my favorite outfit for the iPad 2. As of just a few minutes ago, that is now the new (and favorite) setup for my new iPad as well. I’ve just installed a new Gelaskin – my favorite Dr. Gonzo – on my new iPad.

Gelaskins are so light that they feel like they add nothing at all to the weight of the iPad, while still providing a little bit of minimal coverage to the back of the iPad. They come in a large range of unique and striking designs. I love the Dr. Gonzo skin because it’s not as busy as some of the others and also because I’m a big fan of the artist, Ralph Steadman, and the books that Gonzo is a character in.

Another advantage of Gelaskins is that they are so thin that most back cover type cases will still fit with one of them on.

Gelaskins for the new iPad and iPad 2 go for $29.95. You can browse the range and place an order at the Gelaskins page for them.

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New iPad Ship Times Faster Again and In-Store Pickup Is Back

New iPad In Store pickup

Things are looking up if you’re looking to buy a new iPad online. Shipping times for all models at the Apple online store are down to 1-2 weeks (from 2-3 weeks just a few days ago), and the option to pickup at a local Apple store is active again.

You can use a store locator to find your closest local store and arrange to have your new iPad delivered there. This would’ve been a whole lot more handy to have available when pre-orders first started, but it’s still good to see now.

With shipping times coming down and Apple’s announcement on Monday that they had sales of 3 million new iPads in its first three days on the market, it seems pretty clear that all those rumors of early, ramped-up production for the 2012 iPad are proving accurate.

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Testing a Few iPad 2 Accessories with the New iPad

New iPad in Encore Stand

While I’ve been on the lookout for new cases and other interesting accessories for the new iPad, I’ve also been testing out whether any of my iPad 2 (and older) accessories may still work with the 2012 iPad.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve found, with the obvious disclaimer that I’m not certifying that any of these products are definitely or officially compatible with the new iPad, for that you’ll need to check details with each manufacturer. 

Flowfold iPad Sleeve: This is my favorite iPad 2 sleeve and a very eco-friendly one made here in the USA. The new iPad fits great into this one, even with the Apple Smart Cover on.

Portenzo Compostion case: Another very cool iPad case, styled to look just like an old school composition book. The new fits well in this one.

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ZAGG’s Top Accessories Ready for the New iPad

ZAGGfolio for the new iPad

ZAGG has got two of their most popular iPad accessories ready for the new 3rd-gen iPad. Since the new iPad’s launch day they’ve been promoting their available range for it.

The two headline products are the invisibleSHIELD HD for screen protection and their ZAGGfolio keyboard case for the new iPad. invisibleSHIELD has been a leading name in screen protection for years now, and the ZAGGfolio is a top-notch keyboard case. It has by far the best keyboard I’ve seen in any of the iPad keyboard cases I’ve tried.

The invisibleSHIELD line starts at $34.99 for screen protection only. The ZAGGfolio goes for $99.99 and comes in a range of 10 colors. ZAGG also has standalone keyboards, cases, and skins available for the new iPad. You can check out the full range at the ZAGG page for new iPad accessories.

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New iPad Sales at 3 Million Already – 3 Days After Launch!

New iPad Home SCreen

Apple has announced today that sales for the new iPad have already reached 3 million.

CUPERTINO, California―March 19, 2012―Apple® today announced it has sold three million of its incredible new iPad®, since its launch on Friday, March 16. … “The new iPad is a blockbuster with three million sold―the strongest iPad launch yet,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “Customers are loving the incredible new features of iPad, including the stunning Retina display, and we can’t wait to get it into the hands of even more customers around the world this Friday.”

That’s 3 million sold in 3 days since launch. Yowza – not too shabby after all the talk of this being a ‘disappointing’ upgrade. Just for a little perspective, it took 28 days for the original iPad to sell 1 million. It’s also more than most of their supposed rival tablets sold in total during all of 2011.

Even with pre-orders taken into account, 3 million in 3 days seems a pretty blistering early pace for the new iPad.

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First TV Ad for the New iPad – ‘This Good’

I saw Apple’s first TV ad for the new iPad last night during the season finale of The Walking Dead. The ad is titled ‘This Good’ and is all about the new retina display and how it makes everything you do on the new iPad better.

… words are pin sharp. Everything is more brilliant.

And I can happily say that I know the feeling, having now spent a few days with the new iPad and the incredible new display.

As ever, this new ad is extremely well done – simple and focused on a key feature of the iPad. I’m a little sad that they’re not still using Peter Coyote for the ad voiceover. If they ever take a poll, I’ll be voting for him to come back.

What do you all think of this first TV ad for the new iPad?

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First Photos with New iPad – So Much Nicer

Handsom Deputy Editor Dawg

I had honestly forgotten about the new improved rear camera on the new iPad, until my daughter reminded me about it yesterday afternoon. I took a few quick snaps of our big black Labrador just to give it a quick tryout.

Wow, even just messing around for a couple minutes it is obvious that photos are a world better with the new iPad. The picture above is just as shot with no editing or effects, though it’s sized down considerably to post here. I posted the full-size image at the iPad Insight Flickr group page just in case you’d like to see my devastatingly handsome fella up closer (right-click on the image to see at full/original size or large size etc).

I still don’t see myself using the iPad as a camera very often at all, but it’s good to know it’s now capable of quite decent shots when needed.

If you’ve got any new iPad photos to share please add them to our Flickr group.

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Even iPhone (Retina) Apps Look Better on the New iPad

Google  on New iPad

Here’s a little extra good news about apps and the new iPad’s lovely new retina display: even iPhone apps (those that are retina apps) now look miles better on the iPad.

I don’t have too many iPhone apps on my iPad, but there are a small handful – including Google+ (shown above) and Quora and a few others. These are now using their retina version in both 1X and 2X mode on the iPad and they’re looking much sharper of course.

Now if Google+ would just bring out a proper iPad version so I can use it in landscape mode too I’d be a happier camper.

Hat tip to everythingiCafe forum member Tinman for starting a thread on this.

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