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Great Features that Make Great Apps: Collage Maker in Photogene for iPad


Photogene for iPad is an excellent photo editing app with a number of powerful features. It is one of my choices when I did an article about the best photo editing apps for iPad.

In addition to its all-round strong feature set, it’s got one simple, killer feature that I’m especially fond of: the ability to make collages. And it’s very easy to do.

When you’re in the photo selection view, you just tap on the Select / Collage button, choose between 2-6 photos, and then tap the Make Collage button.

Your collage shows up instantly in the Collage Maker window and you can choose from a few layouts / templates for it. If you don’t like the few default designs you can also buy the full set of collage templates for $1.99 as an In-App purchase.

I haven’t seen this feature in any other iPad photo effects / editing app, and I think it’s a great, fun one to have around.

Here’s an App Store link for Photogene for iPad; it’s priced at $2.99.

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Photogene for iPad Updated – Adds Collage Maker, Localized Effects and More


Photogene for iPad – one of the best photo editing / photo effects apps for the iPad – has been updated this week, to Version 3.00.

Two of the big new features added in this update are Localized Effects and Collage Maker. Localized Effects is the ability to apply filters or color adjustments by just ‘painting’ them onto specific areas of an image. Collage Maker lets you select 4-6 photos or images and make a collage out of them. You get three standard collage templates to work with, and another six are available to buy via In-App purchase.

The localized effects feature is easy to use and works nicely. The collage maker is also easy to use and lots of fun. I was able to throw together the one used at the top of this post, with photos from the iPad 2 launch day here in Austin, in just a couple minutes.

Quick Hint: You need to allow Photogene for iPad to use your location, via Settings > Location Services, in order for the collage maker to work.

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Photogene for iPad Updated Again, Adds Upload to Dropbox


Photogene for iPad – the excellent photo effects / image manipulation app – has had another small update, to Version 2.10.

The update is mostly bug fixes and some minor enhancements, but there is one notable and impressive new feature: the ability to upload edited photos directly to Dropbox. Dropbox is by far and away the best online file sync and backup service I’ve ever come across, so this is a really great new feature to see added to Photogene for iPad.

The app also had big recent update to version 2.0 – with lots of impressive new features added.

You can find this latest version of Photogene for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $3.99.

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Photogene for iPad Got a Big Update – Lots of Cool New Features

Photogene for iPad

Photogene for iPad – which was already one of the better iPad apps for photo effects / image manipulation – has had a big recent update, to Version 2.00. I only just got round to catching up with all my recent updates and took a few minutes to play around with this one. I have to say it really looks great.

Here are some of the major new features in this update:

  • New photos browser – view photos as large thumbnails
  • Give captions to photos
  • Batch uploading – pick several photos and upload all at once
  • Metadata viewer – displays EXIF metadata including geotagging
  • New editor tools – denoise filter, better sharpening, heat/clone tool, more
  • Export in high res: up to 8MP
  • Direct printing from Photogene

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