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PrintCentral for iPad Updated – Adds iOS 4.2 Support and More


Print Central – one of the best printing apps for the iPad – has had an update this week, to Version 1.7. Here’s the list of changes in this latest version:

Support for iOS 4.2 • Improvements to print quality for printing direct to the range of existing WiFi printers, Apple AirPrint printers are also supported • In-app purchases: Print to PDF – enables easy 1 step conversion of documents and files into PDF format • Calendar printing for iPad – view organize and print your calendar • Formatted Notes, create Notes, embed photos and print

It’s good to see this solid app continue to improve. For now, while AirPrint is such a big disappointment, it is far better to look towards 3rd party apps for your iPad printing needs.

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Airprint Printing in iOS 4.2 Looks Great – Print Command on Share Button

Airprint is the new printing system for iOS devices that is coming in iOS 4.2, due for release in November.  Oliver from The i-Blog has done this cool, short video showing off Airprint in action.  Like me, he’s running the iOS 4.2 beta on his iPad – but he’s also running a pre-release build of Mac OS X that is required to make use of Airprint.

The super cool thing about Airprint is that it’s added a Print command to the Share button in built-in apps.  No need to go out to another app, it’s just another option alongside Email and Copy under the Share button.  I watched the video and then banged away on the Share button on my iPad running the 4.2 beta.  Sure enough, the Print command is right there in the Safari, Mail, and Photos apps.  Very good stuff.  This will quickly kill off most third party printing apps if Apple extends support for the print command to all built-in apps and third party devs start adding it to their apps, as I’m sure they will.

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