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Refurbished Retina iPad mini Available Now at Apple Online Store


Refurbished Retina iPad minis are available now, and for the first time, at the Apple online store. This morning there are just two models available – the 32GB WiFi only model at $419 ($80 off the new price) and the 64GB Wifi only model at $509 ($90 off new).

The refurbished section is updated often though, so I imagine we’ll see 16GB and WiFi + Cellular models of the Retina iPad mini available soon too.

Apple ‘s refurbished line has quite a good reputation – all their refurbished products are tested and certified and come with a one year warranty. Refurb iPad models also come with a new battery and outer shell.

You can check out the refurbished Retina iPad mini deals at this Apple online store page.

Happy iPad shopping.

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Retina iPad mini Is Engadget’s 2013 Tablet of the Year

Retna iPad min Tablet of the Year


Engadget announced their 2013 Engadget Editors’ Choice awards this weekend, and the Retina iPad mini was among the big winners – selected as Tablet of the Year.

Yes I know that Engadget refers to it by its official name, the iPad mini with Retina display – I prefer the other way round as it’s just easier to say and type.

I bought both the iPad Air and the Retina iPad mini last year, and I prefer and have stuck with the smaller form-factor mini. Of course I think it’s a deserving winner in this category – but I also would not have complained if the 2013 Nexus 7 was a joint winner alongside it.

Other notable winners in the 2013 Engadget Awards include the Retina MacBook Pro, Google’s Chromecast, and the Sony Playstation 4.

Oh, and I love their pick for ‘Worst Product of the Year. Go check them all out when you have a chance.

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Yes, Original iPad mini Cases Fit the Retina iPad mini

Retina iPad mini cases

I’ve seen a number of people in forums and round the web asking about whether cases for the original iPad mini will fit the new Retina iPad mini. The answer is Yes, at least with most mainstream cases I would say.

Over recent days I’ve been trying out a number of cases for the original iPad mini and every one of them fits just fine on the iPad mini with Retina display. Some of the cases I’ve tested with include the Apple iPad mini Smart Cover (new and old are shown above), a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, and several typical soft and wood-framed folio cases.

All of those fit the new Retina iPad mini and worked well. Of course if you’re shopping for a case for the Retina iPad mini you’ll still want to verify with the case vendor that a specific case is compatible – but you should find that the vast majority will.

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Retina iPad mini Gets the iFixit Teardown & Some Stellar Benchmarks Results

Retina iPad mini Teardown

The clever and talented team at iFixit have done their official teardown and brutal dissection of the Retina iPad mini – revealing all its guts and glory and detailed components breakdown.

Here are a few of the most notable items discovered in the innards of the Retina iPad mini:

— A7 processor chip just as expected but running at 1.3Ghz like the iPhone 5s, just a touch lower than the 1.4Ghz on the iPad Air.

— 1GB of RAM, just like the iPad Air. This is the one area of the specs for the new iPads that I’ve found a little disappointing.

— A much bigger new battery, presumably to help it handle the new Retina display:

3.75 V, 24.3 Whr, 6471 mAh—a huge bump over the 16.3 Whr battery seen in the previous Mini.

Also out today are some very impressive Geekbench benchamark results for the Retina iPad mini. As reported by MacRumors the new Retina iPad mini scored 5 times higher than the original iPad mini in some key performance areas.

The Retina iPad mini scored a 1390 on the single-core test and a 2512 on the multi-core test …Compared to the 261/493 score of the original mini, the Retina iPad mini marks an incredible boost in performance speeds.

You can check out the full iFixit teardown for lots more in-depth details on the Retina iPad mini internals and plenty of gory shots of its innards.

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Retina iPad mini – Got One, Finally

Retina iPad mini home screen

I just went and picked up a lovely new Retina iPad mini – hurray.

This has been easily the weirdest experience I’ve had with getting a new iPad – with the stealthy midnight launch the other night for the Retina iPad mini and more fun and games afterwards. By the time I found out about the overnight initial launch (the next morning) shop times for the model I wanted were already looking like delivery bang on the Thanksgiving break. I initially placed an order purely out of fear that shipping times would soon get much worse. Then after half a day or thereabouts I realized that A) I’d very likely be away when it was delivered and B) no way am I patient enough to wait that long if there is even a slight chance of acquiring one at a local store.

This morning I woke up to stories round the web that personal pickup was now live. Great, I thought until I quickly went to place an order in the Apple Store app on my old, soon-to-be-given-the-boot iPad mini – and saw that personal pickup was not available and ship times were still 1-3 business days.

Then I started looking round and seeing that every Apple store in a 50 mile radius showed as ‘Unavailable for pickup’ and the folks at Best Buy and AT&T had no stock at all and no real idea on when they might.

Long story slightly shortened – I kept the Apple online store order page open in my browser with my model choices all selected and checked back on it every hour or so to see if any stores in my area showed as available for pickup. At around 2:30 Central my closest store (just 5 miles away) popped up as available and I hammered away with mouse and keyboard to get my order in as fast as my hands could go.

And it went through and I picked up my new shiny just after 3:00.

Hope you all are having or already had smoother experiences if you’ve been trying to get hold of a new Retina iPad mini.

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Retina iPad mini Will Also Be Available via Personal Pickup in Stores

Retina iPad mini

The iPad mini with Retina display went on sale at Apple’s online store last night, in an odd sort of stealth launch.

This morning Apple has announced that the Retina iPad mini will also be available via Personal Pickup at Apple retail stores and other approved retail outlets, though they don’t appear to be available in any of those outlets just yet. Here’s the actual wording from Apple’s press release on the Retina iPad mini release:

iPad mini with Retina display is available to order through the Apple Online Store(www.apple.com) to ship or through Personal Pickup at Apple’s retail stores, and through AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and select Apple Authorized Resellers.

Personal Pickup means you place an order online and select a store you want to pickup the iPad at, rather than having it shipped to a home address.

Just before starting on this post I checked the Apple online site and the Apple Store iOS app – and all of my local area Apple stores show as Unavailable for Personal Pickup. Best Buy’s online site just lists the Retina iPad mini models as ‘Coming Soon’ and available only for in-store pickup. I also called a few local Best Buy and AT&T outlets – and they say they have none available and no information about when they may get any in. Same goes for local Apple stores.

So I guess if, like me, you’re too impatient to wait on Apple’s 5-10 business day shipping (for WiFi + Cellular models) then it’s going to be a bit of a treasure hunt to try to grab one at a retail outlet whenever they come in and before they sell out.

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Retina iPad mini On Sale Now at Apple’s Online Store

iPad mini with Retina Display


The iPad mini with Retina display went on sale last night at midnight Pacific time – at Apple’s online store.

This is an odd release for a major new iPad model, with no announcement beforehand. The conjecture is that this sort of ‘stealth’ release for the Retina iPad mini is due to the long-rumored shortage of supply.

Judging by the ship times available this morning, that conjecture sounds pretty accurate. Ship times for WiFi only models are at 1-3 business days. WiFi + Cellular models are already at 5-10 business days.

I’ve not seen any word yet on whether you can buy a new Retina iPad mini at an Apple retail store.

So the obvious pro tip here is if you want a Retina iPad mini you probably want to get an order in quick if you want to see it this side of Christmas.

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iPad Air: Quick First Impressions

iPad Air

I’ve spent 6 days with the iPad Air now, after braving the non-line and getting home with one by around 8:30 AM on launch day. I already have some strong feelings about the iPad Air and some quick first impressions to share.

And here they are, in no particular order:

Living Up to the New Name

The iPad Air does a great job of living up to the ‘Air’ portion of its name. Just as advertised, it’s far lighter and slimmer than the previous iPads. Even knowing how much lighter and slimmer it was going to be following Apple’s unveiling event, it’s still surprising how well they managed this transformation. It really feels like a whole different class of iPad, and I love the slimmer bezels.

Space Gray

I like the Space Gray back of the iPad Air – I think it’s as handsome as the Slate back on the iPad mini.

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To iPad Air Is Human, To Retina iPad mini Is Divine?


OK, apologies for probably my cheesiest post title ever here, but this is the $64,000 question this month for a lot of iPad users and soon-to-be iPad users – which one to get. It’s a lot tougher choice this year with the new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display both due out this month.

Last year, when the original iPad mini was released, there were much more clear differences between the standard (big) iPad and the iPad mini. The iPad offered its stunning retina display that you couldn’t help but fall in love at first sight with – the iPad mini didn’t. The iPad had the bigger screen and was a more powerful device – a more viable laptop replacement for at least some users.

The iPad mini stood out for its wonderful lightness and smaller form factor. It was the smaller tablet that made me realize I love smaller tablets. The lightness and form factor and ease of holding the iPad mini for long stretches more than made up for its lack of Retina display for me – though like so many others I couldn’t wait to see the retina display in a future generation of the mini.

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The Go Large Retina iPad mini Option: There’s a 128GB Model

128GB Retina iPad mini

Here’s one more little spec bump that the new Retina iPad mini offers – a bump-up in storage options.

There’s now a 128GB model, for both the WiFi only and WiFi + Cellular versions of the Retina iPad mini.

The 128GB models are priced at $699 and $829 for the WiFi only and WiFi + Cellular versions, respectively.

This is a nice new option for those of use who may end up maxing out our Retina iPad minis with scores of apps and perhaps some larger, more powerful 64-bit apps to take advantage of the new A7 chip.

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Retina iPad mini: Features & Pricing

Retina iPad mini

Along with the iPad Air, Apple unveiled the new iPad mini with Retina Display earlier today. I’m just going to refer to it here as the Retina iPad mini, for the sake of brevity.

In terms of new features, there’s The Big One and then a few other nice new ones. Of course the big, huge thing here is the addition of a Retina display to the iPad mini. This was by far and away the most wanted new feature for me and for every single iPad mini user or potential user I’ve had contact with over the last 11 months.

The Retina iPad mini now has the same resolution – 2048X1536 – as the iPad air and 326 pixels per inch on its lovely little 7.9 inch screen.

Another impressive new feature is Apple’s A7 chip. This is said to offer 4X improvements to CPU performance and 8X on graphics performance.

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