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How to enable Safari Split View in iOS 10


At WWDC last month we got our first glimpse of what Apple has planned  for iOS 10 on the iPad.  There will most likely be additional changes and unannounced features saved for when it’s released to the public.  Having said that, the most notable new addition to iOS 10 on the iPad has to be Safari Split View.  Just like its name suggests, Safari Split View lets you have two Safari windows open side-by-side.

It’s very similar to the regular Split View that can be used between two different apps.  However, Safari split-view only lets your open half of the screen.  Both windows have the same ratio that, at the moment, can’t be changed.

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How to save and edit your Safari passwords on your iPad


These days most websites you open in your Safari browser have a password associated with them. I don’t know about you, but I find it tough to keep track of them all. This is especially true if you don’t use a password utility app like 1Password to manage your growing, overwhelming unmanageable list. Luckily, Safari offers a solution where you can store your passwords so you don’t have to remember them each time you visit a website requiring further authentication. You have to opt-in each time a new password is entered before Safari will save the info, and you also have to activate Safari in iCloud to share your passwords across multiple devices. Here’s how to get started.

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How to Turn On & Use the Safari Favorites Bar on the iPad

iPad Safari Favorites

Safari has been a leading mobile browser ever since the first iPhone hit the streets in 2007. It brought us the internet on a mobile device with no compromises and a striking set of new features to enjoy the mobile web with.

On the iPad’s bigger screen Safari is an even more compelling experience. It’s clearly one of the most used apps on the iPad and has lead to the iPad dominating among tablets in web browsing share. One of the cool features of Safari that’s not turned on by default is the Favorites Bar – a handy area for one-tap access to your favorite websites, just below the top address bar.

Here’s how to enable and use the Favorites Bar on the iPad:

— Open the Settings app and scroll down the left sidebar and tap on Safari.

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