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Duet Display now adds Touch Bar Functionality to Your iPad

Duet Display

The excellent iPad app, Duet Display has always been one of my favorite apps for adding an extra display to my MacBook at home and PC while at the office.  Screen real estate comes at a premium these days, and to be able to add another interactive display to my workflow is always welcome.  Originally developed by a couple of ex-Apple engineers, so you know the attention to detail is going to be there, never mind their the instant credibility by association.  Luckily for them, Duet Display stands firmly on its own as a multi-tasking go-to for professionals in a variety of fields and careers.

If you haven’t already given Duet Display a try, now is the perfect opportunity to add an extra screen to improve your performance and efficiency.  The app was updated last week and is now on sale at 1/2 off the regular price of $19.99.  That alone is a great opportunity to buy Duet.  However, they have also added an unanticipated caveat–Touch Bar support!

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