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Sandmarc Prolight Boxes

Review: Sandmarc Prolight Bi-Color Edition and RGB Edition

Sandmarc Prolight Boxes

Right off the top, I’m going to give a bit of a disclaimer- I am nowhere NEAR the level a profession photographer. I don’t even qualify as a pro-sumer these days. However, I have had an interest in getting the most out of the iPhone for photography since Apple put a really capable camera inside of a smartphone with the iPhone 4S.

This interest lead me to start looking at external lenses that add additional capabilities to the iPhone years ago. At the time, you needed external lenses to do any kind of zoom , macro or wide angle photography. While the rapid advances in smartphone cameras have changed the market for external lenses, there are a few companies still making high-quality models that take an already impressive current iPhone camera to the next level. Sandmarc is one such company making high-end, professional level mobile photography accessories.

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