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Solo New York Re:new and Re:focus

Review: Solo New York Re:new Briefcase and Re:focus Sleeve

Solo New York Re:new and Re:focus

Practical protection with an eco-friendly ethos

I’ve seen advertising for tech accessories made from recycled materials before, but I have to admit that they’ve never really interested me. I have demanding needs at work and it always seemed like the trade offs in quality and ¬†durability were too big to justify.

However, I was intrigued when I got a press release from Solo New York about their new Re:cycled Collection of bags a few weeks ago. I reviewed their Everyday Max Backpack in December of 2018 and liked it so much that I used it as my daily computer bag at work for a year. Based on that experience, I figured if anyone could make a durable, good-looking bag from eco-friendly materials, it would be Solo NY.

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