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Microsoft Ad Features the 1 Teacher in America with Surface Tablets in his Classroom

Surface Education Ad

The latest Microsoft TV ad for their clickety clackety keyboard wielding Surface tablets features a teacher talking happily about how all his students have the new MS tablet.

He emphasizes that the tablets have Office and a ‘real’ keyboard – ‘so they can do real work’. They doing real work is the recurring strapline for all of the Surface TV ads – because allegedly the silly iPad can’t do any.

A couple of  questions spring to mind here:

— When’s the last time you heard a young student say ‘Boy I wish my school would help me do more real work’?

— When’s the last time anyone heard of any major school or school district using Surface tablets? Oh, I know – never.

The iPad has recently been said to hold a 94% share in the education arena in the US. And I’d happily major that the vast majority of the remaining 6% is taken by Android tablets. Which would leave Microsoft and the Surface with a miniscule percentage at best – just as their overall market share for tablets is.

It baffles me that anyone at Microsoft thinks THIS is an area for them to try to brag about.

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Cool Things: iPad Insight on a Surface Tablet

iPad Insight on Surface tablet

Sleeping with the enemy. iPad Insight on Internet Explorer on a Surface RT tablet in a Microsoft store.

Yesterday I visited a Microsoft for the first time, and spent a lot of time playing around with the Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets. Once I’d had my fill of trying them out I couldn’t resist firing up iPad Insight in the IE browser. I would have done this sooner, but I never knew we had a Microsoft store in Austin.

I was really considering buying a Surface to really get to know it, and I still am – but with perhaps even greater reservations than I had before spending some time with them. The Surface Pro is just way too much like a laptop or ultrabook for my liking. It really just doesn’t feel much like a tablet at all. Two of the Microsoft product advisors even agreed with me on that sentiment.

So I spent  more of my time with the Surface RT. I explored switching between its Desktop and Modern modes quite a bit and had a quick look around its app store. I wasn’t wowed by the Surface RT, but I didn’t hate it either. I might still end up picking one up at some point – or maybe I’ll just wait on their rumored ‘mini’ version.

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