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Learn How to Code on your iPad with Swift Playgrounds

Swift PlaygroundsDuring WWDC last month, Apple introduced an amazing new App that will be available to iPad owners running iOS 10 this fall.  The App is called Swift Playgrounds, and it presents a unique way for users of every age and experience level to easily learn how to code in Apple’s Swift coding language at their own pace.  iPad owners can follow through the lessons in natural progression, or jump around to specific topics depending on there interest level.  In addition, every level can be repeated in any order at any time.

Even if you have no idea what coding is about, or have zero experience writing code of any kind, Swift Playgrounds makes the learning process extremely easy, intuitive and immediately rewarding.  There will be additional Playgrounds/Lessons available after the official launch along side iOS 10.  However, users who have access to either the Public or Developer betas will automatically have the app downloaded to their iPad and be able to immediately start exploring and mastering the concepts in this interactive programming Playground.

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