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AT&T and Verizon Keeping new iPad LTE Data Plans at Same Prices as 3G

ATT iPad Data Plan

This is some very good news for any of us who are planning on purchasing an LTE model of the new iPad. According to The Verge, both AT&T and Verizon are going to keep their LTE data pricing plans for the new iPad at the same levels as their current 3G data plans.

These are the data plan price levels:


  • 250MB/month: $14.99
  • 3GB/month: $30
  • 5GB/month: $50


  • 2GB/month: $30
  • 5GB/month: $50
  • 10GB/month: $80

I’m currently on the small (250MB) data plan with AT&T. I’ll probably bump this up to the 3GB level to try out LTE on the new iPad. This is where it’s great that you can go month-by-month with these data plans. If I find that LTE burns up battery way too fast to use it often, then I’ll just drop back down to the 250MB plan.

For those of you who are considering an LTE model of the new iPad, what are you thinking on your plan level and carrier?

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New iPad Rolling Out to 26 More Countries on March 23

new iPad International Rollout

March 23rd is the date for Stage 2 of the new iPad’s international rollout. It will be released in 26 more countries on that date – as shown in Engadget’s photo above.

The initial release of the new iPad on March 16 is in the US and nine other countries.

If memory serves, this second stage rollout is set to happen in roughly the same timeframe as last year with the iPad 2, or perhaps even a week faster. So maybe all those reports of early production ramp-ups for the next-gen iPad were on target.

I’m sure we’ll see many more countries added to the rollout list over coming weeks.

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Apple Posts New iPad Event Keynote, Intro Video, and TV Ad

Resolutionary New iPad

At the apple.com site they’ve posted the new iPad event keynote presentation, as well as the Intro video and TV ad for the new iPad. They’re right on the Apple home page under the big banner highlighting the biggest new feature: ‘Resolutionary – The new iPad.’

The TV ad is typically good, though I miss Peter Coyote on the voiceover. The Intro video is very well done – I love some of the opening lines in it.

We believe technology is at its very best when it’s invisible. When you’re conscious only of what you’re doing, not the device you’re doing it with. An iPad is the perfect expression of that idea. It’s just this magical pane of glass, that can become anything you want it to be.

Yes it is.

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Prices for New iPad Stay the Same, iPad 2 to Sell for $399

All iPad Prices

Image Source: gdgt

Here’s two more bits of good news from Apple’s new iPad event today:

Pricing for the new iPad is the same as it has been for the original iPad and the iPad 2 – starting at $499 for a 16GB WiFi only model and going up to $829 for the 64GB WiFi + 4G model. I mentioned that I would bet on prices staying at the same level in my Eve of the new iPad launch event post last night. I’m glad to see I got most things right in there.

The second bit of good news is that the iPad 2 will stay around and be sold for just $399 for a 16GB WiFi only model. That’s a heck of a good entry level price for an iPad 2.  It should help lessen the temptation for new tablet buyers to look at less-capable $199 tablets and also lead to much bigger overall iPad sales numbers this year.

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What’s New & Improved in the New iPad

New iPad New Features

This is always the $64,000 question on any new iPad / Apple device unveiling – what’s new and improved? Or what are the key things that will make me want to upgrade. And just as always I’m sure there will be plenty of people saying how there’s just not enough new to satisfy them, or that’s it’s a ‘minor upgrade’ and so forth.

Anyone who’s saying those sort of things because the iPad does not look drastically different or have a brand new design is just not paying much attention to what the iPad is – a game-changing device that’s far ahead of all rivals and a massive hit with consumers, enterprise, in education and in just about every area possible. It’s the ultimate example of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.

For those who are weighing up the upgrade based on headline new features / functionality, here’s a quick rundown of what those are:

Hugely improved, new retina display. This looks amazing in the demos and will improve every bit of the experience of using the iPad. It should also lead to some incredible new apps and updates to existing apps and games.

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The New iPad: Pre-orders Today, Release on March 16

New iPad March 16 Launch

Image Source: gdgt

The new iPad (yes that is its name) is available for pre-order today in the US and will be released on March 16.

The release date of March 16 is for the US and nine other countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

As you’d expect, the Apple store online is having some issues at the moment. When I hit the Pre-order Now button the page fails to load. The Apple Store app on the iPad itself is working OK though as far as I can see. If you want to get a pre-order in right away I’d recommend going that route.

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It’s Just Called the new iPad


Well, the next-gen iPad was unveiled by Apple today, their event just finished a few minutes ago. And the name of the new iPad is …

the new iPad.

Not iPad HD. Not iPad 3 – just the new iPad. I’m not sure what the thinking is on that, but try to remember it. You don’t want to ask for the old iPad (or maybe you do given the price breaks announced, more on that soon) if you want the latest generation iPad.

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