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Tips and Tricks: Apple Unifies Trackpad Mode in iOS 12

Apple brought us Trackpad Mode, a way to move a cursor for easier text editing, almost three years ago. It debuted on the iPad in iOS 9. We also got an iPhone version of Trackpad Mode later that same year with the 6S and its 3D Touch feature. However, while Trackpad Mode has always been very handy, it’s implementation across Apple devices has always been inconsistent.

Before iOS 12, it took a two finger press, hold, and swipe across the on-screen keyboard to enable Trackpad mode on the iPad. Trackpad Mode on the iPhone has been limited to those that have 3D Touch installed. It is enabled by pressing on the on-screen keyboard with a hard press with one finger. So we have two different methods for the iPhone and iPad, and the fact that this feature has never been available on many iPhones.

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