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iPad Edition a ‘Real Positive’ for USA Today


As the USA Today staff have had to cut costs and jobs to stay competitive, the success of the newspaper’s iPad app has been a "real positive" for the company, executives said Monday.

That’s an excerpt from an article at Apple Insider last night. Apparently as part of a radical restructuring during the latter part of 2010, USA Today decided to focus on more of its resources on the iPad – and it looks as if that focus is paying off.

"The iPad has been a real positive for USA Today," the Telegraph UK reported Gracia Martore, Chief Operating Officer at USA Today parent company Gannett as saying,. "We expect this will translate into a much more significant improvement" in revenue, she added.

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USA Today – Maybe the First Test of iPad’s Ability to Save Publishing


In a drastic shake-up, USA Today is restructuring in order to focus more on mobile and iPad content and less on print.

That’s just the opening slice of a recent report at Apple Insider on the plans for USA Today to focus more on the iPad and mobile rather than its traditional print medium. One of the ‘magical’ powers that many have envisaged for the iPad is the ability to ‘save publishing’.  It certainly seems that a lot of leading print media titles and organizations are turning a lot of their attention of late to the iPad and digital publishing in general.

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Review: USA Today for iPad

USA Today for iPad

USA Today for iPad was one of the very first major newspaper apps to come out for the iPad, hitting the App Store in time for the the April 3rd release date.  It took me a while to get around to checking USA Today for iPad out, as it has never been a favorite of mine among print titles.

I’ve been running the app for several weeks now though, and I’ve been happily surprised to see it become one of my favorite everyday news sources thanks to this stellar iPad version.

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