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Verizon’s New iPad 2 TV Ad

Verizon is now running their own TV ads for the iPad 2.

The new ad focuses on the ability to ‘stay connected almost anywhere’ and the power of the Verizon network.

It’s not a terrible ad, but it’s not terribly memorable or strong either. Also, who takes their iPad to the beach???

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Verizon Will Be Selling the iPad 2 on March 11 Too


Here’s another option if you’re looking for places / ways to get your hands on the iPad 2 on its March 11 launch day. Verizon’s site is touting the fact that they’ll be selling the iPad 2 on 3/11 as well.

No details yet on whether they’ll be selling online or at which retail locations. Hopefully we’ll learn more during the course of next week.

News Via: 9to5Mac

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