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Verizon’s iPad Data Plans Looking Better than AT&T’s


Chart Source: AllThingsDigital

When the iPad 2 launches later this week we’ll have a number of choices on models and versions. There are black and white models, 16,32, and 64GB storage options on all models, and now there are also three choices when it comes to connectivity for the device: WiFi only, WiFi + 3G via the AT&T network, and WiFi + 3G via the Verizon network.

As you can see from the chart above, Verizon’s data plans look very attractive, especially at the entry level – where they offer four times the amount of data usage (1GB compared to 250MB) for just $5 more per month. Their higher level plan offers 1GB more than AT&T’s (3GB and 2GB respectively) for $10 more per month. That seems quite a good deal too, if you feel you may need more than 2GB a month.

One important thing to keep in mind if you do much international travel is that Verizon’s CDMA technology is not widely used outside of North America; whereas AT&T’s GSM tech is. Sof if you plan to do a fair bit of international travel with your 3G iPad (and you need to have 3G available and not just make use of WiFi hotspots) then AT&T is clearly the better choice.

Happily, both AT&T and Verizon require no contract to use their iPad data plans. You can turn them on during any month, turn them off a month later, and turn back on as needed.

I am a happy AT&T customer. Their voice and data service has been largely reliable for me with my iPhones here in Austin, Tx, and I have had only one issue (an admin / billing screwup) in using their iPad data plan. Even so, as I do not travel much at all, I may go with a Verizon iPad 2. I like the look of their data plans and I’d like to see how much their US network lives up to its reputation.

How about you? For those of you in the US who are getting a 3G iPad 2, which carrier will you be going with?

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More Details on Verizon Data Plans for iPad


A day after the initial announcement that Verizon will be selling iPads starting in late October, we now have a lot more detail on data plan options for the iPad with Verizon.

Verizon has provided more detailed information on the MiFi 2200 rates and data plans it intends to offer customers alongside the Apple tablet when it goes on sale at company stores beginning October 28th.

In addition to the 1GB data plan for $20 per month announced earlier, Verizon now says it will also offer a 3GB plan for $35 and a 5GB plan for $50. Those rates are available at steep discounts to the wireless carrier’s typical offerings, which cost $35 for 250MB and $60 for 5GB.

There is one catch: customers must purchase a WiFi iPad and Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot together as a bundle to get the discounted data plan prices. Even customers who already own a MiFi 2200 but don’t own an iPad aren’t eligible for the rates should they choose to buy an iPad from Verizon, according to a set of frequently asked questions.

For more details on Verizon’s iPad data plans, including how they’re handling overages, check out Apple Insider’s post HERE.

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AT&T To Sell iPads Starting This Month – and Verizon Too!

iPad and MiFi

Image Source: examiner.com

Both AT&T and Verizon will start selling iPads in their retail stores beginning on October 28th.

This is huge news in terms of the whole AT&T vs. Verizon battle, as well as in terms of expansion potential for iOS devices in the US market – as this is the first time since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 that Verizon is going to be selling a mobile device from Apple. My thought is that this just about confirms that we’ll see an iPhone on Verizon within six months.

For the iPad, this has been one hell of a good month for building its retail sales network in the US. Best Buy is now offering the device in all of its stores, Target is now selling it, Walmart starts selling iPads tomorrow, and now it will be sold in both AT&T and Verizon retail outlets as well starting late October.

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